Justice League vs Fatal Five Bruce Timm is back 🔥🥳

As most of you probably already know, DC are releasing a Justice League vs Fatal Five animated film which will include members of the Justice League and members of the Legion of Superheroes And Jessica Cruz Green Lantern going against the Fatal Five and maybe another villain. They announced a couple weeks ago that the trio who voiced Batman (Kevin Conroy), Superman (George Newbern) and Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg) In the amazing hit cartoon Justice League and JL Unlimited will be reprising their roles for this film. At this point I already couldn’t wait for this to drop and then I heard Bruce Timm is producing it and I just need it now and now I see pictures of how it’ll look and they are using Timms old school design and now WB/DC that’s too much I’m gonna need a early copy because I just can’t wait or a like a 5 minute trailer tomorrow please and thanks lool no but seriously I actually think I’m more excited for this animated film than I am for any of the the other 3 releasing/released this year including Reign of The Supermen. Mainly because it brings that old school feel to it but also keeps it new school plus they are you using characters that haven’t been explored that much yet and that’s why DC have the upper hand to Marvel (love both by the way) Because they have the rights to all their characters and I’m hoping to see more lesser known characters have their time to shine. Who else is can’t wait to see this?


Yes. I’m looking forward to it too.


Glad to see Bruce Timm and company go back to the old DCATU(-DC Animated TV Universe) animation style!


When I originally heard about the movie I wasn’t particularly interested in a JL film of them fighting the Legion of Superheroes’ villains. When I heard this week that it was an original story and Bruce Timm was involved that immediately changed. It will also be interesting to see the world from the perspective of Jessica Cruz, given her anxiety. I look forward to seeing how they handle her particular mental condition after they discussed in the preview how important is was to them to do it justice without stigmatizing the mentally ill. So many people are affected by this so it’s ripe with good storytelling possibilities as well as bad ones. Hopefully it feels organic in its drama and not overly sappy in the exploration. There is creative potential here and Bruce Timm has a great track record. Next is Hush, everybody. There’s alot to be excited about… And anxious😬


Oh hell yes. Let’s hope we don’t get another Killing Joke. BT is the man but that thing was just awful and shook my previously unshakable faith in the man. Fingers croced


Dream scenario with the voice cast, mixing the big 3 with LoSH, young justice, new GL and jlunlimited, and Bruce Timm who is the king of animated producers. Don’t know if Kim Bowen is doing digital paint (hopefully) and Andrea Romano or Jamie Thomason for voice direction, but I’m pumped. Hopefully sooner, but looking at a 6 Aug release… :-/

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