Justice League: The Snyder Cut- Differences and Future

There are a lot of fans that want the Snyder Cut for the Justice League, so I figured, it may be beneficial to have a thread compile all known differences between the two (apparently three because Zack Snyder had enough footage for two films) takes for the Justice League as well as what would be included for the Snyder Cut.

-It has been stated that Joss Whedon changed the dialogue between Deathstroke and Lex Luthor

  • Zack Snyder did not make the scenes where:
    •Wonder Woman wore the “ceremonial robe”
    •Batman says “Something’s bleeding”
    •Superman is interviewed by the kids nor Batman interacting with the Parademon
    •Flash describes his annoyance with brunch
    •Aquaman tries to excessively flirt with Mera as well as him being caught on Wonder Woman’s lasso

-Zack Snyder had the original movie follow:
•opening with Bruce Wayne looking for Aquaman
•having Batman try to commit suicide (towards the end of the film with the Batmobile)
•rumored to potentially have Batman die
•Darkseid appears and, I believe, kills Steppenwolf
•Vulko and Iris are in it
•The movie ends with a nice segue to Aquaman
•More background on Victor Stone and Barry Allen
•A scrapped scene where the Green Lanterns meet

I know I am forgetting some, but I hope it was a good idea to include this.

As for what Zack Snyder will do in the future, it has been said that he may make a Webcomic of his cut. Also, there is a news page stating that he helped with the Aquaman film, which was not what Warner Bros. wanted, so hopefully, he will be reinstated as a contributing member for future movies.


As much as I would love to see the things you’ve said here and as much as it pains me to say it, there is no watchable version of the Snyder Cut.


I’ve been closely following all Snyder Cut related news, so I have a ton to say about this. I’ll probably return to this thread more than a few times to write what I know.


I will probably do the same. If Zack Snyder doesn’t make the Webcomic, Warner Brothers doesn’t release a DVD for it, and fans have not yet made a film, then this thread will serve as a compiler, and one very artistic fan may read this and be able to create a version of the Snyder Cut. Even if it is in claymation, I’d still watch it.


That’s a really cool idea. Back in the day Brian Singer was supposed to do a storyarc in Ultimate X-Men that adapted some of his X-Men 3 ideas, but he never did it. Hopefully Zack follows through. It would be amazing to finally see his vision of the Knightmare verse come to fruition.


Some scenes/shots I’m aware of that are confirmed to have been shot by Whedon:

  • The entire Batman scene at the beginning, not just fighting the parademon, but also catching the comedic burglar.
  • Numerous shots in the meeting between Bruce & Arthur. You can tell by the different lighting between shots and by Affleck’s face looking different. (Many of Snyder’s shots and lines seen in the trailers have also been deleted.)
  • Numerous shots in the meeting between Bruce and Barry, notably all the “brunch” lines. You can tell by Ezra’s haircut noticeably changing between shots.
  • The Flash vs Superman race at the end was all Whedon, I think
  • The comedic scene where Flash is signing in as a visitor at the prison
  • Flash & Cyborg talking while digging up Clark’s grave. (Snyder confirmed that he shot an alternate scene from a set photo he released, showing Wonder Woman & Aquaman at the cemetery as well.)
  • The entire scene where Lois & Martha talk at the Daily Planet, along with the comedic alien anal probing news playing on TV. (Snyder himself confirmed that he shot an alternate Lois and Martha scene when he released a set-photo showing Lois & Martha sitting at a table in a house. Not sure if it’s the Kent farm or Lois’s apartment.)
  • All scenes featuring the Russian family
  • Every shot in which Superman’s face looks weird, because of the bad CGI moustache removal.

At this point, it might be safe to say that Justice League is all but demolished (from Zack Snyder’s version). Then, the “useful” pieces from his version was kept, while the rest was Joss Whedon recuts.

While, realistically, some scenes had to be Zack Snyder because there was no way Joss Whedon could reshoot the entire movie given the time he had, from all the scenes listed that belong to Joss Whedon, it seems like the movie credits belongs to him.


My friends and I prefer the extended version of BvS, so seeing an extended version of Justice League is very, very appealing. And obviously, if it comes with Snyder’s involvement.

I’ve lost faith that this will ever happen now. Too much time as passed, and I think WB, especially after the financial and commercial success of Aquaman, has moved on from the Snyder-verse. :frowning: I suspect WB believes there’s not enough profit to be made from revisiting and releasing an extended JL.

But back when the movie was out, I did click on some links that offered any details on what Whedon’s parts of the movie were. This one from Bleeding Cool was the lengthiest and most comprehensive, sharing details from someone claiming “insider knowledge” posting on a ResetEra discussion board (which I’ver never heard of before). The info sounds like they might’ve been involved with editing the film, maybe FX work. My speculation there. BC does offer the following caveat at the top: “Even if it’s fake and a mix of supposition and observation, it still makes for an entertaining run-through. Use your own judgment.”



@FrankTheTank, that’s a pretty interesting and insightful page at Bleeding Cool. I haven’t finished reading through it, but I think at least some of it is inaccurate.

For starters, Bleeding Cool says Flash signing into the prison was a Snyder scene, but it’s almost certainly a reshoot, because that’s the only scene we see Marc McClure in and he has confirmed that he was involved in the reshoots. Marc McClure plays a prison guard in that scene, but he played a cop in Snyder’s cut.


I think it’s best to just move on from Snyder. At this point his name leaves a bad taste in the general audiences mouth. It is sad he couldn’t see his vision through, but there are other amazing filmmakers that can make a great DC film.


Another probable Whedon scene is when the League arrives in the Bat Cave, Barry comically zips around, Cyborg explains the Motherbox, and Bruce deduces how to ressurect Superman. I can’t remember if it was confirmed anywhere for sure who directed this particular scene, but I suspect it was Whedon for a number of reasons, but mainly that Cyborg’s story introduces a major continuity error. He says the Motherbox didn’t activate until the night Superman died, but that contradicts what we saw in BVS, when Cyborg was clearly already shown to have been ressurected by a Motherbox in Lex Luthor’s files before Superman died. I can’t imagine that it was Chris Terrio or Snyder who let this error happen, so it was probably Whedon who wrote that. If this whole scene really is Whedon’s, then I suspect that how they figure out how to resurrect Superman was different in the original cut.


I’ve said this before in other threads, but…

Finish what needs to be finished of the Snyder Cut and release it exclusively on DC Universe. It would drive membership here and people would lose their minds to finally see it…


Here’s a great rundown of the snyder cut, from Harley Quinn Smith creator, Kevin Smith



@Zombedy, that video’s two and a half hours long, and most of us probably don’t want to listen to to the whole thing, so can you list the time(s) in the video when he talks about the Snyder Cut?


^^^Sorry, totally intended to do that.
1:52.00 should be good


Some Snyder scenes/shots not included in the movie:

  • Wonder Woman fails to stop an explosion at the bank. We see a shot of this in at least one of the trailers, showing cops outside the front steps reeling back, as fire bursts out the front door.

  • Some shots of Wonder Woman fighting the bad guys at the bank are seen in the trailer, but not in the movie.

  • We see in the trailer a scene of Barry pushing his hand through a window at super speed.

  • Barry saves Iris from a car accident. Unfinished VFX shots of this scene have been leaked online.


@XNam360 Oh, I agree with you, it’s an entertaining list to read but very open to speculation until other corroborating facts confirm any of it. And I also agree, that vibe in that Flash/McClure scene is very Whedon-esque. It pulled me out when I first saw it in the theatre.


Seriously I am going to be so let down if we don’t get a Snyder Cut this year! I don’t care if its animation for whatever parts that didn’t get filmed or finished CG just give it to us please!


Snyder cut never existed he didn’t finish the movie


@FrankTheTank, indeed, it’s definitely worth talking time to look through the list to discuss what’s likely to be true or not. I still haven’t had time to finish reading it - it’s a long list - but I’ll continue sharing my thoughts on it as I get through it.