Justice League: Starcrossed

So I just watched these 3 episodes for the first time with my family and. Dear lord it was so good. I’ll come back with more coherent thoughts, but here are some things I really enjoyed.

  1. I love Alfred, always, in any and all context, and his conversation with Shayera made me tear up
  3. John “Kiss My Axe” Stewart showing us why he’s a Green Lantern (THE WILLPOWER MAN)
  4. Top tier GL content all around
  5. Diana kicked so much a** in this episode it was great
  6. Of course the iconic unmasking scene
  7. Clark covering for Wally and John with his Reporter Skills
  8. Clark generally being kind of a little sh*t I love him so much he’s so well written in this show
  9. That nice Indian man that helped Bruce and Diana hide (not knowing who they were, just knowing they were people who needed help). I love it when superheroes go out of their way to help random civilians BUT I REALLY LOVE IT WHEN RANDOM CIVILIANS GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO HELP SUPERHEROES! I just really love it when people in shows are like. Nice
  10. Flash hugging Shayera he really is the team conscience.
  11. J’onn goes into a dudes Literal Mind Palace
  12. J’onn and Clark is a team up I need 75% more of
  13. This felt like where they really became a family yknow

Side note do y’all think I should turn this into a series where I just. Gush about my favorite justice league episodes


I need this!


oh my god do that for sure

also starcrossed is like, my favorite JL storyline


In the commentary they said they were in a huge rut to find the right line. Bruce Timm suggested it as a joke, and to his horror half the creators loved it. The other half hated it. They got in a heated debate, but they could not come up with anything they agreed on, so they used it.