Justice League Rebirth Route

I read JL New 52s and Forever Evil storyline… I moved on to Rebirth which took me to the Metal storyline somewhere around issue #30 something… the end of that mini-series says to continue in Justice League No Justice.

But what about the continuation of Justice League issues? As always, DC leaves me more confused. I just kind of pick up and read more, but it would be nice to follow a cleaner path.


So after No Justice, the main Justice League book was renumbered when Scott Snyder took over. Even though it maintains the same continuity, since Snyder is such a big-name writer for DC, I’m guessing they wanted to build up even more hype for the series by treating it like the start of a new era. That run starts right here :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the tip! I try to go in sequential order across majority of titles, but my brother only reads the writers he likes. Interesting approach.

This isn’t like how they renumbered Flash to go with the overall continuation though? I think it boomtubed from the 80s to 750.

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No problem! And yeah, JL took a different approach from Flash and Wonder Woman, which both took a page from how Detective Comics and Action Comics reinstated the legacy numbering. I figure that would be much more difficult for JL to pull off since there have been so many different books w/ “Justice League” in the title. Would you only focus on books strictly titled “Justice League” w/ nothing else or would you also include Justice League of America, Justice League International, Justice League Dark, etc.?

I would like to include all eventually, but I’m trying to get through specific story arcs which seem referenced often so I feel more caught up. I was trying to get to Metal, but I had to read up to it. Then I read Crisis tie-ins, etc. I also read Infinite Frontier and most of the Future States, but I feel like I’m missing something.

I think the app does a good job by displaying: Full storyline or Core storyline, but it isn’t always easy to get to. I started to make my own Wiki just for what I’ve read so far.

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