Justice League Queer

DC Pride #1 is now out (my copy has just shipped and I cannot wait to touch it with my actual hands!) :purple_heart:

And of course, one of the biggest deals of this anthology is the introduction of JLQ! Like many other queer DC fans, when this team idea was unveiled as part of the Round Robin, I instantly gravitated toward it and fell in love with the concept! And although that pitch was unceremoniously eliminated in the first round, we are getting a small taste in this new book, and hopefully continued support and outpouring of love will lead to it becoming an ongoing title.

There’s even already a wiki and everything:

:00_dc_pride: #JusticeforJLQ :00_dc_pride:


I’m really hoping that despite the Round Robin results we get more of this team. (And I call it a team despite the wiki’s claim that it is a defunct, ad-hoc group, because there’s clearly some semi-formal mentorship going on with Syl studying under Extraño, and being able to call on him and others so quickly, with mention of “following the people who fought for us” possibly referencing the adult characters who showed up along with the younger generation.)

I want backstory, too!

  • Is this the same Sir Ystin from Demon Knights, and, if so, how did he get to modern day?
    • And where is Exorista?
  • Are Natasha and Traci still together or is this an awkward teaming of exes?
  • Does Mikaal still exist in this continuity?
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I’m so glad we got to see this! Even though Mephisto’s villain dialogue was pretty cliche, the JLQ appearance made the whole story worth checking out. I really hope sales from the Pride book end up being great since that could really be a big influencer in whether or not we get an full JLQ title :00_dc_pride:

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Picked up DC Pride #1. Read the first story last night with Kate Kane. That was so wonderfully done. I didn’t get the metaphor till Kate beat me over the head with it, but what a story.


Agreed, @msgtv. I haven’t finished it yet, but so far, my favorite tale of the book is Kate’s, with Midnighter and Apollo’s coming in second.

I flipped through the JLQ story after I bought the book, and I loved the scene where the team shows up in a literal blinding light to Eclipso.