Justice League Odyssey number one

One of the few Comics I bought this past week was Justice League Odyssey number one. I thought the idea of Darkseid being part of a Justice League team was pretty cool . Unfortunately the story is a real mess not compelling at all, and frankly kind of silly . I’ll be selling this for half price immediately on eBay.

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Haven’t read it yet, I usually give something more of a chance than one issue

Well I’m hoping that with the digital library they’re planning to offer, maybe I can read the rest of it that way down the road.

Pretty much Metal and everything thats spun out of it has been a mess. Snyder should not be the guy steering the DC ship.

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I thought it was fantastic.

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I enjoyed it myself. Also loved metal and everything that has spun out of it.

I decided against picking it up. Sucks to hear you didn’t enjoy it. I really like Joshua Williamson’s work on Flash.


It spun directly out of the Justice League: No Justice mini series. In order to understand Odyssey (and Dark, and the entire Justice League) you really need to read that series. Without spoilers, the JL splits into groups due to an occurence in JL:NJ. The various groups (Odyssey is one of 4 groups) are working in parrallel to accomplish something. None of them really make any sense on their own.

The whole story line is pretty good, but requires buying and reading the lot of them to really get what is happening. I like that because I buy almost the entire catalog every month anyway. But it is obviously a play on DCs part to sell greater chunks of that catalog.

If you want a good story then, imho, this fits. But you’l have to invest into the whole bunch to get there.