Justice League Movie; final thoughts

I got JUSTICE LEAGUE for Christmas and finally watched it; my third time seeing it. (When it came out…when a friend got it on Bluray earlier in 2018 and now; January 2) Here are my final thoughts…

It is not as bad as I had originally thought. I had made the mistake of reading the Rotten score and comments people were making and bought into some of them. Some of them were valid but…here is my take away from my third viewing.

Yes…the CGI for Superman’s face is pretty bad…BUT…the CGI for Steppenwolf was not as bad as some people are saying. Is it as good as avatar? no…but most of it seemed okay. After I got into the movie, I got into the character and thought visually is was doable…and I liked whoever the voice actor was.

Was Aquaman a sexist in the movie as is now being suggested; borderline… But wasn’t that the point of his own movie? He is gruff and seemed to realize at the end of Aquaman that he needed to take things a litle more seriously.

Ben Affleck was very good as Batman, and in fact, I thought they were all good. But this time around I actually got into Cyborg more and hope he gets a movie because I think it would be very good if they tap in on some of the drama going on with him.

The Wheddon stuff; I am a big Snyder fan and hope to hell they release his version…BUT…I didn’t find anything wrong with Wheddon’s stuff. Was it as good as Snyder’s? For now, we can’t be sure…but as is…the movie is good.

Justice League vs Batman v. Superman; Batman v. Superman (either version) is a better movie than Justice League. I think it is a deeper movie, even with the “martha” scene. How do I rank all the DCU movies?

  1. Man of Steel (loved this movie)
  2. Aquaman (Surprised at how good it was)
  3. Batman v. Superman (like all the themes in this movie)

The top three are all good…as for the rest

  1. Wonder Woman (over rated…enjoyable…but pacing seemed to slow it down too much at times)
  2. Justice League (good movie…just not better than the ones above it.

Wonder Woman and Justice League not on par with 1-3

  1. Suicide Squad (the final third of that movie ruined what was, up to that point, a good movie}
    Seen this one three times and when that helicopter crashes when they arrive on the scene of the action, the movie just goes off the rails and becomes boring and silly…

Those are my final thoughts on Justice League and ranking of the DCU movies thus far…


Ciaran Hinds did the motion capture performance for Steppenwolf, including providing the character’s voice.

Why would someone think Aquaman is sexist in this movie? Talk about people complaining for the sake of complaining.

It’s a good movie. Not the awe-inspiring epic a JL movie should be, but for what the end result is, it’s fun and enjoyable.

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It could’ve been better, it’s just ok.

I personally think that WB shouldve allowed Cavill to keep the facial hair only for the scene when they brought him back to life.

Stephenwolfe didnt need to be CGI. Instead doing everything for Mother. It could’ve been in the name of Darkseid

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Yes, I agree vroom. They scene they are pointing at is the one when they all meet and Aquaman is sitting on the lasso and “grunts” when looking at Wonder Woman. Something tells me had he whistled or grunted at Cyborg or Flash Mamoa would be up for an Oscar next year…just keeping it real.

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Just a general note, the blame for Cavill’s facial features is squarely on Paramount. They were the ones who vehemently said he could not shave his Mission: Impossible facial hair due to his contract for that film while he was doing reshoots for JL (someone at Paramount certainly was feeling pithy on that point) So, WB’s only choice was to remove it with CGI and they had a limited time frame within which to do it.

Blame Paramount, not WB (or be like South Park and blame Canada but I’d advise against that =) ).

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The Justice League movie was premature. Should have had each members movie first and then the JL movie.


@RobertScorpio, seriously? One lil’ grunt and someone’s Hanes get knotted up at super speed over it? He was sitting on the lasso, it brought out his true reactions. What’s the big deal?

Oh man, that’s rich. I needed a laugh and that got it. Thank you RS, I doth my cap to you for making that known to us. doths cap

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After the high that was the Nolan films everything that has come after has left me either tepid or outright disappointed. TV/Animation has been my only avenue for DC-related material. Even then, sifting through the bad stuff is hard. It’s all opinions though so to anyone who does like shows I dislike I’m not saying my opinion is “correct” it’s just my opinion.

I wish the idea behind making a Justice League movie was handled with more respect and thought, instead of rushing to compete with Marvel. What reason did they have to feel threatened? In 2008 The Dark Knight blew Iron Man out of the water, today TDK is still better than the first Iron Man. Nolan’s Trilogy as a whole is more solid than the first handful of MCU movies that lead to the first Avengers. It’s only been within these last few years that Marvel has been putting out hits. I’ll give them this though, at least they took their damn time, at least they respect the mythos enough to know not to rush Avengers. Even if that meant stomaching a few stinkers to get there.

Wb didn’t do that, they felt inclined to just jump straight into the deep-end of the pool. With great concepts that could’ve woven within multiple films, yet they felt the need to scrap MoS 2, rush the fuck out of the BvS plot AND then jump straight to Justice League? What the hell, my hope right now only lays on this service and the new upcoming DC movies that are unrelated to the DC-Movie Universe. The Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie looks like a lovingly dark else-worlds tale and I can’t wait to see waht is in store for that. Hopefully WB gets better, I still haven’t seen Aquaman, if it’s good I’ll be sure to add that to my list of favorites.

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I honestly loved them all. JL (as most movies) is better the 2nd & 3rd viewing, agree with u on that. Disagree on WW, but it’s impossible to make a movie everyone agrees on. There’s always someone who dislikes a universally loved movie & so be it that’s life. Summing up, DC live action gets unfairly judged across the board imho. Some are better than others but I’ve never seen 1 that deserved 1-2 stars except GL & I’ll take people’s words on Catwoman. One of my favorite characters & it’s the 1st movie I heard from every friend who’s opinion I share that it was bad & didn’t watch to judge for myself. Maybe there’s some that I’m not thinking of so don’t execute me, but I’ve loved all the ones I can currently think of minus the 2 aforementioned.


Catwoman is worth watching when staring into nothing gets tiring.

There’s a reason why Marvel has been kicking DC’s ass for years when it comes to movies.

It wasn’t terrible. But it was far from great. Personally, Snyder should never have helmed this film. The studio gave him a bunch of grief over BvS, and I’m shocked they kept him on for JL. JL was seriously hurt by the varying tones. It was beyond obvious two separate people helmed this film. There was a lot to be desired from the CGI department too. It looked like a college class project in scenes. Shadowing was off. Superman’s mustache. And Steppenwolf looked too CGId. Would have preferred a practical effect/costume for him. I noticed they went with Skywalker for Aquaman. A good move. The CGI was a lot better.

I’m still not a fan of the casting of the Flash. We got talking about it shortly after seeing it, and thought they should have made him Wally West. That’s kinda how he was written. Give him the back story of being the nephew of Barry Allen. And Bruce is trying to locate Barry. It turns out Barry disappeared. Bruce finds out Wally has super speed as well, and agrees to help him find Barry if he joins the team.

Now where do they go? Well, WB seems to be pumping the brakes. They’ve decided they want to focus on Supergirl coming to the DCEU. I know the perfect way to do it. Hire ONE director and do an adaption of the Superman/Batman story APOCALYPSE as Justice League 2. A majority of the League is in the storyline. Anyone who isn’t, can be written in. The storyline introduces Kara Zor-El. It has conflict over her training with the Trinity, where Wonder Woman wants to take her to Themyscira for training her. She bolts and is captured by none other than the forces of Darkseid! She’s brought to Apocalypse, and the League follows. The comic has Mr Terrific and Big Barda as the way they get to Apocalypse. However they took care of that issue already by making Cyborg out of Mother Box technology! This film could check two big things off their list 1) Introduce Supergirl. And 2) create a logical sequel connecting to the first Justice League film! It can also open up the world of the New Gods! WB just needs to let the director do their job, very much like they’ve let Patty Jenkins and James Wan do with their films. I think it’s the most logical next step for WB and the JL film franchise.

It has been my experience that the vast majority of the complaints leveled against Justice League - including those from “professional critics” - are/were shallow and petty and had a provable chilling effect on its overall box-office performance.



You would be 100% correct. Old hat for DC live actions sadly. As someone below said, Marvels been kicking DCs ass for years. Not true, critics don’t know comics,therefore anything bright & shiny grabs their attention. No education on what to look for, cuz they don’t know where to look.

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The Marvel movies are nothing like the comics. I felt Justice League has its flaws but definately had heart. I would ve liked it to be more of Snyder’s original vision.