Justice League International Missing Spots

So i understand all the stuff dealing with the writer of JLE and why his work can’t be represented on the site. I do have a question on whether or not I should read some of the work that is omitted from this site like later JLE and Breakdowns. Is it important to the justice league in the early 90’s and late 80’s? It seems like I would have to go it great lengths to get this stuff so if the people who read it think it is or isn’t important, please help me! Thank you and have a good day!

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Breakdowns is important to JLI.
It was a melting pot of everything from the previous five years in something of a swan song for the team.
The Extremists, Despero, Lobo and the Global Guardians were all involved in it.

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So what should i read before that? I’ll be able to read everything here like JLI and some of JLE but is there anything i need to pick up that isn’t here that I need?

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What stuff dealing with the writer of JLE? Maybe I missed something somewhere…

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The writer for the later half and breakdowns was named Gerard Jones i believe. You can learn it for yourself. That’s why a bunch of green lantern, JLE, and a Martian manhunter series I believe is absent here

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ewwww… now I see…


Super disappointing considering all the content he did. He also has a prison blog… yeah

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a prison blog? They let him blog? yeeesh…

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I get why they don’t have/complete the European side. But they should at least fill in the gaps on the American side (Justice League America 33-36 and 41-42) those issues were not written by GJ and should be fine to be presented in single issue form.

It’s really a shame because other people worked on those books, too.

For three years, it was one of only two comics I bought monthly.


The ideal JLI collection is-

Legends #1-6
Justice League International/America #1-60, Annual #1-5, Special #1-2
Justice League Europe #1-36, Annual #1-2
Justice League Quarterly #1-6
Mister Miracle (‘88) #1-28
The Weird #1-4

Legends comes first.
The Weird happens during the first few months, before the team goes International.

You can get the later books (Formerly Known/Can’t Believe it’s Not…), but I was put off by the coloring and inking and never really bothered reading them.

could u explain The Weird please? Also what do you think happened later on that made jl fall off?

The Weird was a mini-series by Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson.
It was basically the League investigating a new powerful being that was misunderstood.
The Weird would return later when Starlin was involved with the Rann/Thanagar books.

More info.

When JLE launched, JLI started having less action-packed stories and was focusing more on the drama and comedy as it settled in on the core of the team, which was J’onn, Beetle, Booster, Fire, Ice and Guy.

It did have the Teasdale Imperitive and the return of Despero (one of the best stories of the entire run), but they felt further apart.

JLE was more like what JLI was like during it’s first couple years: a nice mix of action and humor with characters you can really relate to.
Especially with the opening arc vs Queen Bee and then the Extremists story.

JLE became the more serious title and JLI let its hair down, so to speak.

The General Glory story was the lowest of the book for me.

Breakdowns would be a re-bound, but it was also the end.

As for what came after the Giffen/DeMatteis era…
Jurgens couldn’t voice the characters well. Like he had never read them before, with the exception of Booster, of course.
They looked the same, but they felt empty inside.

Meanwhile, over at JLE (now JLI), #37 is where Jones really takes over for me. It felt different and no longer familiar. Like the Giffen & DeMatteis influence was completely washed away.

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sorry for being a bit late lol but would you say reading Mr. M and The Weird is worth it? Also should I read all the events that took place during my read as well? Also how did you read breakdowns because JLE #33 costs like 100 now lol. Sorry for so many questions but does is the later stuff worth it like the Jurgens and Jones runs because it looks interesting with all the different characters and stuff. Sorry again but thanks for everything lol!

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Way off topic,sorry, but I had to check on ebay WHY #33 was 100 bucks. And now I know. And its not quite a hundred bucks, but still, yeah, for that book…

it costs like 20 bucks in amazon but idk what the condition it’ll be in lol

#33 blowing up is pretty cool.
I remember when JL(I) #1 and #7 were actually worth more.

I only paid a dollar for JLE #33.
I was buying it off the rack at the Circle K that was about four blocks from my house.

I wouldn’t say the Weird or Mister Miracle are crucial to JLI.
The Weird even less so. It just features the same characters, early in JLI’s history before Giffen & DeMatteis developed the team more fully.

Only get Mister Miracle if you like the writing of JLI and the character, which for me ranked just outside the core team. He would bubble around them but never quite broke through to the inner circle.
It seemed like he fit more in the JLI when Barda was around.
His book starts off as a superhero Bewitched, with Scott and Barda trying to live normal human lives, but visits from the family won’t let them forget where they come from.

As for JLE, the books are pretty interrelated.
Queen Bee was one of the best JLI villains, and appears in the opening story.
The Global Guardians, involving a JLI thread reaching back to JLI #7, continue to appear.
The Extremists, although an homage of Marvel villains (which makes sense when you know Silver Sorceress and Bluejay’s background), turned out to be JLE’s best contribution to the League mythos.
Crimson Fox is one of the most underrated characters in comics, with one of the more original concepts for superhero backgrounds.

Teasdale Imperative, a crossover with JLA, was one of the highlights, also, especially with the epilogue dealing with how to do surgery on someone with impenetrable skin.

Breakdowns is a must if you’re going to read JLI.
It’s not perfect, but it encapsulates everything from JLI’s history into one final story.

Also, don’t discount the JLIQ series, either.
The first issue introduces the Conglomerate, includes Gypsy and gives more info about Max.
And there’s one issue with a story by Waid (JLIQ #5), that is one of the best featuring Ice, where Professor Ivo returns.

So, importance:

Weird, not much at all.
Mister Miracle, only if he and Barda rank high on your favorite members of the team.
JLE, yes, definitely. Too much stuff you’ll miss.
JLIQ, yes, at least up until #6, which was the last issue released during the Giffen/DeMatteis era.

Side note- I just looked up why #33 is valuable.
Of course, I expected it to be something like Lobo beating down Despero with a great cover focusing on the Main Man.

But, alas, it appears it was all due to a Sonic the Hedgehog mini comic that has been removed from a lot of copies.

If you can find a copy without the insert, it would be considerably cheaper.

Now I need to dig my copy out and see if has the insert…

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thank you! How interconnected are the stories of JLE and JLA? Also should quarterly be read separately or at the time of release? Are there any other comics that I should read as well with JLI if any events or other series are crucial and also are Jurgens and Jones’s runs good enough for a read?

JLE and JLI were about as connected as, say, X-Men and Excalibur.
They were many miles away from each other, but they still had the League teleporters to travel from embassy to embassy.
So you’d sometimes have a member from one group visiting the other.
Power Girl’s cat was one such visitor.

I find that the books were more enjoyable reading them as they were published.
Since Giffen was the plotter/writer for all the series, they felt really interconnected.

For events, Legends is a must. Not only for the JLI’s first appearance. I also think it was a great story that really showed what it meant to be a hero in the DCU.

Of the other DCU events, the only other one I would recommend getting is Invasion.

For Jurgens and Jones…
Not really, and no.
I thought the homage covers were cool. And it was nice to finally see some old JLA villains make a return, but…

Jurgens’s run felt too stiff. I really enjoyed Panic in the Sky and looked forward to him doing JLA. But the characterizations were all off. The art was nice, though. And Maxima was a great addition.

Jones’s run just bored me, really. I missed a couple issues and didn’t feel compelled to hunt them down. However, it was nice to see Dr. Light return.