Justice League Heroes

Anyone else enjoy this game on PS2, XBOX, PSP and DS. It’s one of the few backwards compatible games on XBOX 360. It’s a shame it didn’t get a sequel.


I got a PS2 for Christmas one year, and Justice League Heroes was the first game I ever played on it. It was a very fun game.

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I had it for the PSP and enjoyed what little of it I played.

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It was my favorite game for a long while, up until DCUO came along.

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I enjoyed it. Played it several times, and not just to try maxing out character stats.

I did notice that Tara Strong was listed in the credits (of the the booklet) as playing Supergirl, but she never made an appearance in the game. I guess they planned to have Kara as a playable character, but never happened for whatever reason.


I loved it. I just wished it had a bigger roster.

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I had it on Xbox. Definitely a good game.

I miss it! Wish there was a remaster or at least simply BC

I loved this game when it came out on Xbox. It’s too bad they never came out with a sequel or reboot for modern gaming systems.

A few months back I was actually feeling nostalgic and thinking about this game so I ended up installing DC Unchained for mobile. It’s not quite the same thing but I’ve been enjoying it.

Mr_Morbach, Supergirl and Black Canary were exclusives on the DS and PSP versions. It’s like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 actually had a bigger roster if you got it on PS2, DS or PSP. I believe you were able to get Cyclops, Psylocke and Blade in addition to the base roster, but you had to go PS3 and 360 if you wanted Iron Fist along with the GameStop pre-order Juggernaut and four villains they had for DLC they took down after about a year from their release.

Also, there was the GBA Flash tie-in game that was kinda cool, but I beat it in a day. If it would’ve taken off, I’d think they would put out different games for some of the non-Batman/Superman characters under the brand for Game Boy. If it got a sequel, I would hope they do some thinking outside the box and release two games at once like they do with the Pokemon games on the DS. They could’ve done JLA and JLI, or even JLA and JSA. Make it where the save data for both games interact together once installed and you need both games to complete the roster and have DLC missions where you can swap characters from different games to use on the titles they didn’t originate from. If X-Men Legends didn’t come out first, we might be seeing the Switch exclusive for Justice League Heroes 3 instead of Ultimate Alliance 3.

I see. I hadn’t considered console-exclusives.

Either the game is so good you want it on your portable console, or throw in an incentive to unlock characters for another console or even both of them. It’s not an entirely bad move. Especially for the time. There were PSP exclusives to unlock certain characters in the WWE games on PS2. Now they do mobile game tie-ins like with Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2. At least those mobile games are free.