Justice League Heroes

Anyone have any fond memories of this game? I remember the roster as being pretty good, lots of characters and alternate skins to unlock.

Why do you think this game isn’t as fondly remembered as games like Ultimate Alliance? I admittedly haven’t played it in years, but find myself very nostalgic for it lately


I got a PS2 for Christmas along with this game one year. It was a very fun game to play. Spoiler The final boss fight with Darkseid was awesome.

The beginning of the game where Superman and Batman team up to defeat Brainiac was another of my favorite levels.

Zatanna and Martian Manhunter teaming up to defeat Queen Bee was another cool level.


I completely forgot Zatanna was one of the core cast, but she was great in that game!

I remember Aquaman and Huntress were both unlockable and both were alot of fun. I was glad to see they went with the Grant Morrison version of the Key in that game

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One of my favorites ever. In fact, I loved this game so much, I bought it twice! Once for the PS2 and once for the PSP so that I could play Black Canary.

I’d say that there are a couple reasons for the seemingly greater popularity of the Marvel games. For one, X-Men: Legends (the first of the series) came out earlier, and X:L2 and Ultimate Alliance built on that success. Secondly, JLH locked you into certain characters for several sections of the game, which irritated a lot of players.

Nevertheless, I played it over and over and over again. Just thinking about it makes me want to dig my PSP out of storage… :heart:

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Nice to see love for this game! One of my favorites. Ollie is so OP. I can solo Darkseid alone! Haha. Plus the only way to get my Kyle fix anymore. Shame he doesn’t have custom constructs, but I’ll take what I can get. I don’t have the PSP version, so I never got to play as Dinah. I’d love to have a Dinah / Ollie team to use when I’m not going all Hard Travelling Heroes.

A sequel is one of my most wanted games of all time.