Justice League Helpline

Operator: Thank you for calling JL Help Line, this is Maddox, how can I help you?

Customer: frantic Oh my god! Please help! S-send somebody, anybody, my daughter is trapped in our apartment building! Your people are fighting in the streets and some douchbag who calls himself Booster Gold snatched me from the building but didn’t grab my daughter! Please send someone I```

Operator: I completely understand your concern and how frustrating that can be. I will do the best I```

Customer: raises voice Can you just send some one?! My daughter is still in the building! Your people are so stupid and I wish I never moved here! You’re supposed to save us not```

Operator: Excuse me sir, please do no refer to us as “stupid” or I’m afraid I will have to disconnect this call. Now, to move forward, do you have Catastrophe Pro Support?

Customer: Yes!

Operator: empathetic tone Oh sir, I regret to inform you of this. But by looking up your account from the number you are calling on, your coverage has expired. I can send a JL onsite assistant who has unbreakable skin that can retrieve your daughter.

Unfortunately the wait time for us to Zeta beam one of our agents is 30 minutes and```

Customer: Are you @#$%! kidding me?! raises voice My… DAUGHTER… is```

Operator: Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to lower your voice. I do apologize for the inconvenience. I do have your credit card information on file. If you would like to expedite catastrophe assistance processing, I can follow through with a small fee of $100. We can Zeta beam someone in your location. But I cannot guarantee ```

Customer: Just send someone! Do it! I don’t care! Hurry up!

Operator: Understood sir. Your account has been charged the amount of $100. You will get a confirmation email regarding your inquiry. And as always we do thank you for contacting```

customer disconnects call

If Justice League had a call center help line and charged insurance to people in order to pay for the city damages. What do you guys think? :joy::joy: What are the different types of coverage that you think they would have?

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lmaoo this was genius​:joy::joy:

I feel like it could be set up like a tier list or something of that nature. Kind of like this other post I saw where you had $10 to build a jla team and each hero had a different mknetary value attached to em’.

Oh gosh if this was real…I feel like I would always be trying to take advantage of the system and trying to meet someone from the league lol

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Or what if the phone greeting was like GameStop:

"Thank you for calling JL Helpline where you can get 20% off your next catastrophe when you upgrade to Pro Support. Dont miss our midnight release of Thanagarian Birthing rituals. This is [insert name here], who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today? "

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Poo Booster. Somehow, he always gets to wear that “KIck Me” sign…

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I guess nobody else thinks this is a good idea -____-

LOL Maddox

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… Only Naddox

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Hey do you think the mods would be disappointed in me if I posted my blog in here?

Okay thanks!

:joy: going back to my corner

I thought this was hilarious -______-…

Tough crowd