Justice League figures accessories

I would love to see a separate accessories set for the JL figures.

Batman: batarangs, wonder pig
Superman: squid alien
WW: lasso, Felix Faust magical object
Flash: Ducky toy
GL: constructs
MM: Morgan Le Fay magical object
Hawkgirl: mace
Aquaman: ?

I could also see new hands and stands. DC make this happen

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Aquaman can always use his trident, pre-hook hand and cape.


Flash should get one of those chocolate bars he was promoting as well as his ever-present Iced Mocha (and grip hands)

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An interchangeable unmasked head would be cool for Flash. It would turn him into a Lex figure too from a certain POV.

Lex in Flash’s body pulls back his mask and looks at himself in the mirror “I have no idea who this is.”

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I’m all honesty these figures unfortunately need stands. Not sure why dc collectibles didn’t package them with anything. $28 for a figure! Bat animated figures are $28 with stands, interchangeable hands and many accessories! I’m very disappointed in these JL figures!