Justice League Dark (TV Series)

To EVERYONE including those at WB/DC/Time Warner/and the community here at DC Universe:

I would like to see a Justice League Dark movie. That obviously seems to be a bit difficult to put out at this point, but here’s a suggestion - a Justice League Dark live action TV series. There’s is no question that Swamp Thing is going to be a success. Constantine made his first appearance in Swamp Thing before his Hellblazer comics, so I’m thinking slowly but surely, if we can open up each character by giving them individual shows, then maybe…just maybe another team show could happen. We already had Constantine. Regardless of what reasons anyone had for cancellation, it was a REALLY good show played by an extraordinary Matt Ryan who I believe IS Constantine. Now, you have Swamp Thing. Maybe we can get a Zatanna or a Deadman series. Just think…you only need 10-15 episodes to open up the characters. You can choose from Dr. Fate, Frankenstein, or even Man-Bat to be the fifth field member and use Madame Xanadu as something like an oracle for the team. Also, not everyone needs an intro series of their own. If maybe three of the six members (at least) had shows of their own with the other remaining members and their origins appearing in episodes belonging to another teammate’s title, I believe WB/DC could create something of greatness. So, an example of what I’m saying is we’ve seen Dr. Fate’s helmet in Constantine. If let’s say Deadman appears in Swamp Thing or even let’s say Frankenstein’s origin in a Deadman show, Madame Xanadu appearing in a Zatanna show, or/and the latter appearing in a Constantine season 2, then is it too far fetch to expect a Justice League Dark live action TV series? This is just a very small slither of an idea I had and wanted to start a poll or even see how many people actually want the same thing. If I can get the likes on this idea to reach a certain number, then I believe it - is and should be - worth considering to those that would ultimately have the decision to put something like this in place.

So, to the community: DC has a couple of live action tv series. If you guys would like to see Justice League Dark on the DC Universe, please like this post and let’s discuss it. Let’s just see how many of us want the same thing. Your thoughts…?


They already introduced the helmet of Nabu in Constantine, so Fate would be good.


This all sounds great and I would definitely not say no to a Constantine season 2 on the DC Universe app


I am hoping Swamp Thing leads into a Justice League Dark Show

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I would love to see The Phantom Stranger involved as well!

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Honestly, these suggestions are all REALLY, REALLY good. I was thinking of Felix Faust, Brother Blood, Trigon, and maybe even Enchantress as some villian possibilities. Any other feasible options you guys can think of?

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Focus a little more on the prowess of Zatanna and a little less on everyone else :wink:


@ Gibbyhertz

I’m a huge Swamp Thing fan, so I’m partial to him. However, the team does need some recognition and this might be the way to do it. I also could see why you made that comment and don’t see a lot of people disagreeing with you, lol.