Justice League Dark Potential?

Anyone else think DC should do a boot of characters from Justice League Dark? Would love to see them start with this Swamp Thing series and use it to expand a whole universe of characters similar to how CW did their heroes. Would love to see a reboot on the Constantine series it had so much potential. Whatcha guys think?


I remember for the longest time Guillermo Del Toro was rumored to make a JL Dark movie.

Wonder what that could have been like. Probably amazing.


It what I am hoping for That Swamp Thing over time assembles The Justice League Dark


I’d be all for it just to see a live action version of Zatanna!


I have been sending out all the feels & vibes for this to become reality. Please please please! :crystal_ball::seedling::fire:

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I’ve been reading this series and it is definitely much more my cup of tea than some of the more mainstream superhero stories. Love my occult characters! I say bring it!

Do a few more JL Dark Animated movies. See what the audience really is, then, if the dollars add up, invest the money in live action.

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I would love to see more Justice League Dark material, animated or live action, whatever. I’m reading the current comic series and they are so artistically beautiful. Very yes. Much want.

Ya definitely! been one of my favorite comics and I loved the JLD animated movie and Constatine City of Demons was one of my favorites. Hope we get to see more of all the characters on screen if not live action more animated would be great for sure.

Sure, I say! DC has never been afraid of the dark.

Be up for it. I say make it animated or stop motion to give a real errie unsettled look. To be honest justice league dark really is underrated. Every characters is a power house with untapped potential.

I feel like the hold up is budgetting cuz it’d be pure magic. I definitely believe DC knows how favored the magical/ JLA Dark side is by the fans but it’s probably one of those things that has to be done perfectly and precise. They can’t just be throwing some shitty, willing nilly effects to enchantments and stuff lol

I’d rather wait a couple more years for a big movie with a nice budget than have them try and push out a tv show that won’t FULLY immerse us in everything magical DC.

I could be wrong tho