Justice League Dark episode coming to DCUO

A new episode is coming to DC Universe Online in march! For those fellow players still interested in the game, here it is…



What do you mean, the movie?

…read the article

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Yup. House of Mystery, Constantine, Dr, Fate, Zatanna … and freaking Mordru.

Gonna be awesome!

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Should be fun and new gear is always cool

@TheHelloThereDude It’s the free to play MMO game that’s available on PC, PS4, and XBox One.

I have been playing DCUO for ??? years LOL Yeah a lot of us are excited to see exactly what all we will get to do when the new episode arrives. Constantine is a favorite of mine and prior to this episode all he has been is a contact handing out missions in one episode and a “tutor” for a new AUGMENT system which let us briefly hang with him through several quick missions and then he turns into a vendor for that item. It should be great to actually have a full episode devoted to him. Also looking forward to seeing more of Zatanna she is another favorite and just like Johnny boy she has mainly been a contact up to now… Okay she’s had a few more appearances like battling Felix Faust in one story arc. I enjoyed the Justice League Dark animated movie and loved the short lived Constantine TV show so along with many others looking forward to the upcoming episode