Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Limited Edition. Should I buy it?

I already preordered the 4kUHD + Blu Ray + Digital format but I am thinking of cancelling it for this one reason. The limited edition comes with a figurine!

I am hesitant in cancelling my preorder for this one because I do not normally collect figurines. However, this seems to be an exception and I am not sure why. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of wanting to watch this long-awaited movie. Any thoughts/insights? Thank you.


Well, I have no idea what this movie is about, but I think it’s a pretty decent looking figure.

Just from looking at the box I’m excited to see this movie.

I’ve seen the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it, brutal maiming and deaths included (this is NOT a movie for children or the faint of heart). I think it’s worth the buy and have already purchased the edition with the figure as well, but at the same time, I adore the Teen Titans and Raven is my favorite of them, so the figure being her is a big selling point for me. Hope this helps =)

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The figure looks great.

I have watched the movie several times because what happpens in the movie is very unexpected.

I have tewatched the last half hour and the last 12 minutes even more times.

It is very violent in a very graphic way.

It should never be watched by children


I would buy the figure version depending on how much more it is than one without. Looks nice though.

Does anyone else think her face looks really weird here? Like something about the mask just makes her look bug-eyed

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i agree something kinda seemed off lol

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Thanks for the input guys. I gave in and bought it.