Justice League Dark Apocalypse War the Last?

Justice League Dark Apocalypse War the Last?

I know very ominous title. So I was thinking with the change of DC Universe turning into Infinite; does that mean the last new movie to hit this platform is JLD Apocalypse War. Will we get the new Superman Man of Tomorrow before the switch to Infinite. I will be honest I absolutely loved that this was my one app I could get the movies and books I enjoy on one platform. This doesn’t include the community which I didn’t even know I wanted and I feel in love with the connection with people like me. This app has made 2020 bearable to be completely honest. So if I was to get one last request ( since I never got one of those awesome boxes of awesomeness jk) I would love to see Superman Man of Tomorrow on this app before We are forced to get HBO Max or out right buy the dvds . I do have an Idea for DC infinite but that will have to be on another post. I do want to say thank you to the moderators and these awesome people
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By the official rules SMoT should come here around December 21st.

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Depending on the timeline… it’ll be the last one here. :frowning_face: