"Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" question

Can anyone point me to an official DC site that lists who the Earth-3 characters in the movie were alternates for? Particularly Superwoman and Olympia. I need DC’s word to settle an argument

Superwoman is Wonder Woman.

I agree. Always has been in the comics. But over at Fandom they say she is an evil version of Mary Marvel. Banned me for 3 weeks when I pointed out to them that they are wrong. Now, I need something from an official DC source to prove it. Can You point me towards one as I asked in my post?

“Torres plays Superwoman, the evil doppelganger to Wonder Woman and one of the leaders of the powerful Crime Syndicate.”

The TV Tropes writers said it is in the script that she is Mary Marvel, but of course there is no source, and I have learned they are often wrong about comics.

Why does nobody leave footnote trails? I can follow them.

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Thanks, but apparently DCanimated is not owned by DC Comics (or Warner Brothers) and I need a source that Is in order to prove my point. Never mind that Their original sources are an alleged interview that there are no links to and Wikipedia. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Isn’t Olympia Artemis?

No. Olympia was supposed to be Troia according to an article that I read. But it doesn’t matter if I can’t cite a source owned by DC or Warner. I tried the search function here and it gave me nothing. So if no one Here, actually On A DC Owned Site, can point me towards said article then I guess it doesn’t exist.