Justice League Comics from Cereal Boxes

Hello everyone. I was doing a bit of cleaning and stumbled across these comics. I remember they came in select boxes of cereal and was wondering if anyone also remembered them? Looks like I was able to get 3 out of the 4. Too bad the extra 2’s I got are not able to turn into issue 4. :sweat_smile:


I remember those. I think I got them all. Maybe I was missing 3 or 4 but can’t remember.


Nice! Yeah reading through the first one was fun, but I think I held off reading 2 and 3 since I was still looking for 4. Now I just might read through 2 and 3 for fun to see how else the story played out even if I don’t know how it will end. :smile:


There’s only one super-cereal in my heart.

It goes great with Diet Coke.


Wow! That really does put the “Bam” and “Pow” into starting off your morning right! :joy:

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