Justice League Book Club Week 6: The Rise of Eclipso

What an epic! I​:heavy_heart_exclamation:a good teamwork story. Everyone played a part… really I think everyone.

This was my first read with Dick taking the mantle of Batman. I think it suited in this series. Dick’s levity was a nice balance to darkness of the story.

Then there were the brain spiders- :scream:

I won’t be sleeping tonight, unless they are wearing top hats.
Overall -:+1::+1:
The story was dynamic and fast moving.

Totally agree.
The art did a great job holding everything together through all the chaos. Sometimes when there is soooo much happening, it can get a little muddled.
The final issue was the only low point for me. I get what they were going for, the long good-bye and all; but the writing was not there for me. It’s a big and poignant moment; but the feeling was just not there for me. Especially, if an entire issue is dedicated to the conversation. However, this was my first exposure to this team; so maybe I’m just not getting the full scope, and need to read the full run on its entirety.


My favorite issue was the last as we see the tales Robinson just didn’t have time to get to and Dick and Donna’s bittersweet farewell. Unfortunately, a lot of DC’s comics had rushed finishes that month, but this was one of the better efforts. Robinson did as well as he could considering how badly they editorially undercut his team about issue #41.

Eclipso is not a villain I look forward to seeing. However, this is one of the better arcs featuring him. I guess with continuity about ready to be rewritten that’s the time to go after God.


Re Eclipso

The DC History Club is doing New 52 Demon Knights this month

The Origin of Ecipso’s Bkack Diamond was an New 52 Event for several titles, starting with Demon Knights


Ah yes, The Black Diamond Probability. I remember liking that as it came out, but I haven’t re-read it since the story concluded.

I might just re-read it now though, along with the initial issues of Demon Knights, which was underrated when it came out and remains so today. It was definitely a highlight of the wave 1 New 52 titles.