🎃 Justice League Book Club Week 36: Underworld Unleashed 🎃


:halloween_superman: Halloween season’s greetings @JusticeLeagueBookClub, and all fans of DC super villains (which should be all of us, given the environs)! :halloween_wonderwoman:

This week, the villainy goes to 11 as the heinous, vile and wicked Neron seeks the souls of DC’s villains and heroes! Who will give in, and who will prevail with their souls intact? Read on to find out!

:books: Read (pick the option that interests you most):

I’d recommend the first option, especially if you’re new to this event mini-series from Fall of 1995. However, if you want the entire experience, I’ve provided the link to our collection of it, as well. :clark_hv_4:

:speaking_head: Discuss:

  • Was this your first time reading Underworld Unleashed?

  • Who was your favorite villain from the piece? I’m Team Circe (especially as penciller Howard Porter portrays her :purple_heart: :green_heart:).

  • Underworld Unleashed was an event mini-series that largely focused on the villains of the DC Universe. How do you think this worked, when in comparison to the traditional events that instead star the World’s Greatest Super Heroes™?

  • Anything else that comes to your Halloween-focused minds.

That’s what’s a-bubblin’, a-brewin’ and a-boilin’ for this week, fans! Villains abound, souls are up for grabs and Neron seeks control of the DCU! Will he get it? You’re going to have to read to find out! :wink:

Enjoy and have fun, League!
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