Justice League Book Club Week 35: 🎃 Halloween Comes Early with Spooky Tales Galore! 🎃

Greetings @JusticeLeagueBookClub, and to all others who enjoy a frightfully fun good time during the Halloween season!

To get you in the mood for All Hallow’s Eve nice and early, I’m handing out a grab bag of tricks and treats that features Halloween-based one-shots and one and done adventures starring characters you know and love, as well as characters that you may not yet know, but will hopefully come to love! Read one or read them all, just read what you like, Pumpkinhead! :wink:

Check out all of the sensationally spooky and grotesquely groovy goodness ahead!

:books: Read: :halloween_superman:

Again, this is a grab bag selection of books, so you can read any of the above in any order at your leisure. Pick and choose your reading poison, pal!

:speaking_head: Discuss: :halloween_wonderwoman:

  • Which books did you read? Were they tricks or treats? Will any of your picks haunt your memory for years to come in how deliciously delightful and/or fantastically frightful they were?

  • Do you have any DC-themed Halloween traditions that you’d like to share? Sharing is caring, afterall.

  • Any other bone-rattling things and thoughts that shake up your mental sponge/brain, you groovy gals and ghouls.

That’s the happs for a fun, very early Halloween celebration starring denizens of the Justice League, the Wildstorm Universe and so much more!

Choose your books, shovel down some delicious candy while reading and have a Happy Halloween, League! :halloween_batman:

SN: For any wondering, yes, there will be plenty more Halloween goodness to come from the JLBC! This is but the start, my kooky spookies and hearty harpies! :smiling_imp: :superman_hv_4: :justice_league_book_club:


You’ve got the Halloween theme down, look really interesting to read! :grinning: :halloween_batman: :halloween_wonderwoman: :halloween_superman:


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Thank you, good sir.

If I may, I recommend the Wildstorm Halloween Special and the Ex Machina Masquerade Special above all, as Wildstorm titles pair quite well with All Hallow’s Eve, I find.


Ex Machina is on my long to-read list. I am finishing up Saga and then plan on moving to Y: The Last Man before I get there though. I don’t want to read too much BKV at once as I want to savor his stories. I should also add that I need to finish Paper Girls as well.

I remember reading Wildstorm Halloween Special and comparing it with the other DC Halloween specials, it was the odd man out. There was one story that I liked but the others, not so much.

Legend of the Swamp Thing, which we are also reading in HOH right now, is a lot of fun! I really liked the idea of seeing Swamp Thing through different eras. In a lot of ways, this reminded me of the Tales of the Witchblade series from years ago. The concept that there is a different host/avatar for every generation works for me in many ways. Legend of the Swamp Thing is a good lead to the current series The Swamp Thing.

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Paper Girls was good stuff. I haven’t read the whole shebang, but what I did read was good.

I actually haven’t read it, as its been on my “Wildstorm Schtuff to Read” list for a long time, now. I’m hoping its good. I can’t say I’ve ever disliked a book that Fairchild adorned the cover of, though.

It is! I bought it when it came out last year, and enjoyed it much more than I was expecting. Halloween specials can be hit and miss, but the Swamp Thing book was pretty slick.

That means an intrepid soul could pair the Halloween book with The Swamp Thing, should they want to focus that series in their club. I say go for it. :wink:

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We have been reading The Swamp Thing as it drops on DCUI. The concept of a different avatar is definitely strong in The Swamp Thing.

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I like what I’ve read of TST. I had to stop at #2, but am eager to read more of it as the issues come here and time allows.

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I have a feeling you will see issue 3 in HOH sooner than later!

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One book I definitely plan on checking out here is the Lobo/The Demon book!

I do find it weird that we don’t have the Infinite Crisis Halloween special. I think that is the only IC book we don’t have.

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You can never go wrong with something that stars Lobo or The Demon, but that’s especially true when its something that stars both of them. Come to think of it, I’d love to see a Lobo/Demon mini and/or ongoing.

If you like that book, there will be plenty of Etrigan to come in the JLBC in about…two weeks, or so.

That and…Teen Titans Annual #1 as well, if memory serves.

I had forgotten all about the IC HS until you mentioned it. I’d be down for a digital re-read of it.

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Well Happy Halloween Justice League Book Club! Tally-Ho! :halloween_superman: :clark_hv_4:

Quite a selection to read as well for this week. :books:

I read them all! :nerd_face:

Well… Some were being read again as I read them first last Halloween. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Definitely a treat reading The DC Universe Halloween Special’s and G.L. #8 again. :00_lc_green_lantern:

Wonder Woman '77 was also very interesting seeing Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman interact with Solomon Grundy! :wonderwoman: :zombie:

Secrets of Sinister House also had quite the selection of tales to read through. :astonished:

I’d have to say Zatanna and Harley’s adventure and Jessica and Simon’s were my top stories out of it. :woman_mage: :harley_delicioushqtas: :00_lc_green_lantern1:

Also interesting seeing the many different Swamp Things through time in the Legend of the Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular. :timer_clock: :st_swamp_thing2:

I’d also say that my DC-themed Halloween traditions include reading DC Halloween themed comics before Halloween. :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:

Ah yes, a few. :grin:

Other things

Wish I had the tools to make a super pumpkin like this… :halloween_superman:

Funny seeing Batman agree with Gordon about being rich for all the times that Scarecrow has been dragged back to Arkham. :halloween_batman: :scarecrowlaughhqtas:

Also Ralph does bring up a good point as to how long Batman has had candy in his
utility belt… :thinking:

Those kids will also do better I’m sure next Halloween because of this experience. :joy: :batman_hv_1:

Hope that everyone enjoys the thrills and chills this evening. :halloween_superman: :halloween_wonderwoman: :halloween_batman: :ghost:

And… Candy! :candy: :chocolate_bar: :lollipop: :candy: :yum: :superman_hv_4: