Justice League Book Club Week 31: Celebrating 10 Years of The New 52 Justice League, Part 1: Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League

If you take a drink every time you see Pandora in the background of a Wave 1 New 52 #1, you’ll be talking to The Phantom Stranger before you know it. :wink:

When you read the first issue of our next adventure, keep an eye out for Pandora in the background. She’s there.

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Nice! Will do. :mag: :nerd_face:

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Point her out after the post goes up (Wednesday), and I’ll toss some Cool Points your way. :sunglasses:

SN: I don’t think I said so elsewhere, so Happy DCUIversary, @ajm08g! :partying_face: :fireworks: :cupcake: :champagne:

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As a Craig Ferguson fan, I am hurt that Geoff Johns got this wrong.

Here is Craig Ferguson in one of the many Ask Aquaman skits.

After reading Justice League Unwrapped by Jim Lee I have decided this will be my last Unwrapped book. It is cool to see the notes for the inker and colorist but I feel like I missed out a lot of the story. A lot of faces were missing throughout the book or some scenes just written in for the inker to do.

I did enjoy the story. I remember reading this as it came out and really liking it. The first story is excellent. I am usually not a fan of origin stories but it worked in the New 52. It made sense as it was introducing the characters to each other, as well as the reader. There was a great amount of world building as this was 5 years into the future from most of the titles.

The second story arc I didn’t like as much but it wasn’t bad. I did enjoy the Wonder Woman storyline throughout. The bad guy was sort of the weak point for me. The cause for him to turn into a villain was there but everything seemed rushed. It is probably just me as I tend to get nitpicky.

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