Justice League Book Club Week 28: Celebrating 25 Years of Kingdom Come

Hello, hello, League and Happy Near-Weekend! :partying_face: :champagne:

This week, we’re soaring into one of DC’s Epic of Epics. A genre-defining masterpiece. The four-issue magnum opus that is…Kingdom Come. Read on for how you can start celebrating 25 years of this beloved and influential mini-series.

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  • Have you read Kingdom Come before?
  • If you have: What are your thoughts on the series as a dissertation on super heroes, especially when seeing how the “old guard” stacks up against the new heroes they will eventually come into conflict with?
  • If you have: How do you feel about Kingdom Come as a commentary on where comics were at the time of it’s publication in 1996? The old guard (DC and others) versus new upstarts that were attempting to tilt the comic world on its head with new franchises, characters and worlds never before seen in the medium.
  • If you have not: What were your thoughts on this series? Did it live up to the hype and are you interested in seeing more stories with characters from this world (as there was a follow-up, entitled The Kingdom)?
  • Anything else that comes to mind.

That’s our mission for this week, League. Take to the skies and soar into one of DC’s absolute best mini-series of all time as Kingdom Come celebrates a quarter century of reimagining some of our best and brightest characters, while also charting a new path for them in the future that is to come.

As always, have fun, enjoy and take care, League! :superman_hv_4: :justice_league_book_club:


I have read Kingdom Come once many years ago. I thought it was an interesting take on how the world would react to Superman stepping away after his perceived failure. I didnt read it at time of release, so I never thought of it as a reaction to the trends in comics at the time. Reading it now, there are some elements that remind me of Injustice, although Superman has a less extreme reaction to the death of Lois. The ending made me tear up just like it did when I first read it.


Well hello there Justice League Book Club Tally-Ho! :wave: :sunglasses:

This was definitely one of the more unique stories I’ve read. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It had been sitting in one of my to read lists for a bit until finishing it up this past week. :sweat_smile:

The art was phenomenal! :star_struck:

It took some getting used to of where the story was going as the first couple following around Norman and The Spectre as the events of the story unfolded. :thinking:

Definitely enjoyed the ending with all the twists and turns it took. :smiley:

The battle between Superman and Shazam… And the nice epilogue with Clark, Diana, and Bruce was so good. Wish I could head to Planet Krypton as well. :joy:

Maybe I’ll also see about the follow-up series after a bit of catching up on other readings of mine. :nerd_face:

You are also right @scoop001 as I did get the similarities to Injustice and a little bit of DC Universe Online Legends at least towards the end with Superman not going the full Injustice route and leaving for a bit. :sunglasses:

And… :spiral_notepad:

More that came to mind

This shot reminded me more recently of a shot from Superman and Lois with Superman lifting the tractor. :superman:

Also good boy Krypto. :ttns_gif_krypto:

Luckily Norman… A League answered the call. :grin: :00_justice_league:

This was a nice surprise at the time with Batman teaming up with Lex. :batman: :00_lex_luthor:

The Gulag certainly reminded me of the Legion of Doom… :fearful: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Fascinating seeing Mister Miracle use his talents in this way. :astonished:

Deadman is too funny. :skull: :rofl:

Ah, kids these days, eh Batman? :batman_hv_3:

Oh, yes. Well played Batman! :batman_hv_1:

Funny how this serious conversation between Superman and Batman is happening and there is Bat-Mite on one of the computer panels in the right hand corner. :joy:

Yes! Batman got the disappearing act. :rofl:

Seeing Batman like this… I guess it’s good Batman doesn’t smile often. :fearful: :sweat_smile:

Shame Superman! Planet Krypton looks like a swell place to be at. :superman_hv_4:

Thank you Wonder Woman for being curious! :wonderwoman:

And makes a note to ask Batman promptly for ketchup. Thank you Batman. :batman_hv_2:


This has been on my reading list since I saw a physical copy of it in my sibling’s box of cool things :open_mouth:

Deefinitely need to check it out asap!


I loved this story!!!


Better late than never…:slight_smile:

@ajm08g I’m glad the JLBC inspired you to finish up Kingdom Come.

When I first read Kingdom Come, it also took me a little bit of time in getting the understanding of what was going on with Norman and The Spectre.

Planet Krypton would be an amazing place to hang out. Maybe WB could put that on the studio lot at some point as an attraction on the official Studio Lot Tour? I’d take the tour again, just for Planet Krypton, and I bet others would too.

Also, I loved how Gregory Peck was used as the basis for Batman. A perfect selection by Mr. Ross.

@LastSon0fMars Have you checked Kingdom Come out, yet? No rush, if you haven’t. When you do though, you know where to respond. :wink:

@Stebs I loved it, too! Kingdom Come is definitely one of my all-time Top 10 DC stories. The concept, writing and artwork are all just aces, through and through.