Justice League Book Club Week 26: Talent Spotlight on Robert Venditti

Greetings, Justice League Book Club!

After Week 25’s trip to the '90s (and a brief hiatus in general), we’re back in the present day to check out the beginning of acclaimed writer Robert Venditti’s brief but memorable run with The World’s Greatest Super Heroes. Check out the deets below!

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That’s your mission, League. This is a short read, but its quite fun all the same, and I hope you enjoy it.

Take care and, as always, have fun! :partying_face: :justice_league_book_club: :superman:

  1. No, I am not familiar with his other work. This is my first time reading his Justice League as well.
  2. I really enjoyed this story. The League worked well as a team. Madame Xanadu was a bit overpowered maybe, but I still liked her in the story.
  3. I thought the art in this story was great.

Howdy hey, @scoop001! :cowboy_hat_face:

My friend, when you’ve the time, please check out Venditti’s Hawkman (linked in the OP). It is unbelievably great.

If you’re a Hawkman fan, you’ll absolutely adore Venditti’s take on The Winged Warrior.

If you’re new to solo Hawkman tales, you’ll become a Hawkman for life as and after you read it.*

*Probably. :wink: Just know that Venditti’s Hawkman is badass.

SN: RV is writing Superman '78 as well, which will surely be another notch in his Quality Belt.

If I had any nits to pick with this arc, it’d be Madame Xanadu. She did seem a bit OP, as if she was a storytelling Get Out of Jail Free Card.

That said, she thankfully never overpowers the story as a whole, and overall was a welcome addition to the tale.

I absolutely agree. From start to finish, the art popped very nicely and pulled me into the adventure from the start of the arc.

Thanks for stopping by, @scoop001! Always good to see you. :superman_hv_4:

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I have read Superman: Man of Tomorrow and loved it! This might have been my first time reading anything from him? This has been added to my digital reading list. However, I just made list of all the books found in the Crisis On Multiple Earth’s trades and that is really tempting too! Hmm, so much JLA fun and so little time.


Man of Tomorrow was pretty sweet. I’m highly anticipating Venditti’s take on the Reeve Superman in Superman '78. I think that’s going to be his Tale Supreme when it comes to The Man of Steel.

BTW, add Hawkman to your list. It is by far the best modern Hawkman series.


I am really excited for that book! I have seen some of the artwork in Batman '89 and that has me even more excited for Superman. It appears both titles are in great hands and I am along for the ride.

A little tribute to 78 I made a while back.


I’m buying Superman '78 in digital and print singles, along with the eventual digital and print collections.

The last time I supported a book to that extent was The New 52 Justice League, and even then, I didn’t buy the digital collections, just the hardcovers.

This time though, Superman '78 gets the full ride. Not only to support the continuing adventures of the best on-screen Superman, but as a way to support Richard Donner and what he and his crew accomplished.


After reading this, one thing that stuck out to me was how much of a Superman story this was. Sure, the Justice League is kicking butt but at the end of everything, you can tell where Vendetti was taking things. Eradicator is a great foe and I am always happy to read a story he is in. With the strong focus on Krypton, it shows Clark that “he will never be from Kansas.” I haven’t read the storyline where he revealed his identity and I might get to that one day as I enjoy the fallout from that idea.

This was a good short selection.


Oh hai, @darkstarz! :superman_hv_4:

I agree.

After #40 came out (and given that Eradicator was the heavy), I had a feeling that this would mostly be a Superman-driven Justice League tale, which, as the story progressed, I was happy to see turned out to be the case.

Have you read the three issue Eradicator mini from the '90s? It isn’t yet available in digital, but the issues are easy to track down and cheap, if you’re interested.

Well now, that just might be covered in the Modern Age Superman Club, should it materialize. :wink:

Thank you, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I originally had something else in mind for Week 26, but that was done away with at the last minute, so I felt this story was a nice substitute. You can never go wrong with Mr. Venditti, I’ve found.

Thanks for chiming in, @darkstarz! :clark_hv_4:

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I was reading this as it was released and then read it again as it was released on DCUI. He is the perfect person to helm Superman '78.

I have not read this…yet. I will try to remember this when I search the bins at my LCS. I mean, eBay is an option but support local businesses people!


Just making sure I didn’t miss it, has JLBC covered Justice League/International yet?


When I’m back issue hunting, I’ll go into a comic store and think to myself “Okay, what non-digital back issues am I looking for again?” and then after I’ve left, usually with some finds, I inevitably think “Aw crap. I forgot to look for fill-in the blank title, which escaped my mind because I was focused on other fill in the blank title instead .” :grin:

This is why I now keep a pen and a small notepad in the glove compartment of my car. Preparation for back issue hunting is key. :slight_smile:

I’ve only read Eradicator #1. I’m in the mood for the whole shebang now, though.

makes a note, then keeps note out so that he’ll remember it and bring it with him to the comic store on Tuesday

Done and done! :white_check_mark:


Not yet.

There will be an issue from the original series that will be part of my Suicide Squad-themed focus in a couple weeks (an issue that was brought to my attention thanks to @CaptainYesterday, so thanks to him for that :+1:t2:).

In September, the New 52 JLI will be featured as part of my 10th anniversary New 52 focus.

As for the original volume of JLI, it’s definitely on my Planning List. Its just a matter of finding the apropos point to feature it, given I tend to occassionally tie into current publishing releases, as well as outside comic media (hence my eventual tie-ins to The Suicide Squad, in Week 28).

We’ll get to it though, and when we do, the bwa-ha-ha shall flow. Ab-so-lutely. :nerd_face:


I just got the trade of Superman: Man of Tomorrow last week. Quite good and a call back to the 1990s Superman era. Venditti would have done well working along side the dream team of Jurgens, Ordway, Stern and Simonson. That replaces Freedom Fighters as my favorite Venditti work I’ve read. I thought Hawkman was good, but I dropped it when Hitch left and came back for the JSA story.

As for this arc…

I liked that John Stewart was the chairman. Eradicator is back again and he’s brought very interesting foot soldiers with him. I don’t keep track of the JLD, so I don’t know who was available, but Madame Xanadu has never been a favorite.

Best quote
“I’m a politician who stands on principle. We’re a dying breed.”—Sodam Yat

“Negative. You are already extinct!” ----Eradicator (he’s not wrong)

I enjoyed the plan to get the battle “elsewhere” instead of just punching things.

A madman gets tired of his toys and judges them “unworthy.” This one is timeless.

Good story and also a good story for those looking for an introduction to the JLA.