Justice League Book Club Week 21: DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe


By the power of Grayskull! Welcome to a new week of action and adventure in the mighty Justice League manner! Unsheath your Power Sword and get ready to enjoy this week’s reads that are worthy of the DC Universe, Eternia and beyond!

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  • Are you Team DC or Team MOTU?
  • Prior to this week’s reads, have you had any prior exposure to the MOTU franchise?
  • Your general thoughts on this week’s selection.

Whether you side with the World’s Greatest Super Heroes™, or those who fight for Eternia, have fun and enjoy this titanic tussle between two of entertainment’s greatest galleries of colossally cool characters! :superman: :justice_league_book_club:


Masters of the Universe!!! Team DC ain’t shabby though!

I have read almost everything in the MOTU universe on DCUI and am really excited for the Kevin Smith book released by Dark Horse. I am also really excited about the new series. She-Ra is a frakking gem of a cartoon and I can’t wait to see what they do with He-Man!

I should also mention that I own every season of both He-Man and She-Ra on Vudu and it is not Christmas until I watch the MOTU Christmas special.

The real question we need to be asking ourselves is “whats’ going on?”


I was so tempted to post the “What’s goin’ on?” video, but I hoped one of my enterprising members would do so. I can’t have all the fun, afterall. :clark_hv_4:

My thanks @darkstarz! Here, have a thematically-appropriate gift:


I’m late to the party on this, but here are the latest and greatest comics from the Justice League!

Brand-new comics

RWBY/Justice League #10 (Digital First)

Finding refuge in Arthur’s home of Atlantis, the team formulates a plan of attack against the beast from beyond the stars and bask in one last night before the battle before them.

Brand-new to DC Universe Infinite comics

Dark Nights: Death Metal #5

The Darkest Knight has won. With absolute power at the villain’s fingertips, Wonder Woman and the rest of the DC heroes are nothing to him. As the Darkest Knight turns his sights to his true goal, remaking the Multiverse in his image, can Earth’s heroes rally together to make a last stand?

Justice League #57

“Doom Metal” part five of five! The Legion of Doom has been freed-and now they’re turning on their saviors-the Justice League! Teeth will gnash, knuckles will be bared, and Lex Luthor will make a decision that shocks everyone, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The ending of this epic story leads directly into Dark Nights: Death Metal #5!

Whether brand-new to retail, or brand-new to DCUI, there’s always a great Justice League comic to be read! Check 'em out, and enjoy! :justice_league_book_club: :superman:


Well hello there Justice League Book Club Tally-Ho! :wave: :sunglasses:

Very interesting diving into the Masters of the Universe world and all the events that took place in the reading. :open_mouth:

I would have to say Team DC. :dc:

Although… If Team DC is mind controlled by Skeletor… Then definitely Team MOTU! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I had heard of He-Man before… Not quite sure where exactly. Maybe from a TV show, or possibly talk in other threads about He-Man comics being added. :thinking:

Yes, much to say about it all and the fun that ensued on this adventure. :grin:

DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #1-6 Summary

Constantine doing what Constantine does best. :joy:

Also it would not be an event if there was not a crisis, right? :superman_hv_4:

Teela is very nice. :no_good_woman:

This story about Queen Marlena reminded me of how Steve Trevor found his way to Paradise Island and Diana. :wonderwoman: :small_airplane:

Look at the League Go! :00_justice_league:

Nice to know that Skeletor is rehearsed in such fine writing that is Shakespeare. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And that’s an entrance Skeletor! :skull: :astonished:

The difference between Evil-Lynn and Teela is apparent. :joy:

And it is the criminals that take out the kids Teela… So far… Only one. :red_circle: :sweat_smile: :eyes:

Batman dealing with Constantine is pretty funny. :batman_hv_1:

No! Not another story where Superman disappears! :scream:

Will remember to not go across the lawn of Wayne Manor in the future… :grimacing: :joy:

Wooo for the champions of justice! :grin:

It is an unmatched superpower… :mage: :st_swamp_thing:

Seeing the JLA also take on MOTU was a lot of fun. :00_justice_league2:

Poor Alfred going through the trouble of making Batman’s lunch… :pensive:

Ah, combat lessons from Hawkman. Nice. :00_hawkman:

Ah, there is Superman. Phew. :sweat_smile:

Man-At-Arms good call on this decision to work with Man-Of-Bats. :batman_hv_2:

I felt bad for little Orko who just wanted to do the right thing and ended up having the situation be much worse than anticipated. :pensive:

Ah, the supervillain revealing their weakness is always a sign that something else is about to happen. :face_with_monocle:

Also, quite the battle for He-Man and Superman that’s for sure! :open_mouth:

Nice learning about Black Alice and how her powers work. :woman_mage:

Thank you Constantine for bringing it back to Shakespeare. :clark_hv_4:

Also, poor grumpy Batman. Perhaps Superman and Wonder Woman helping out Batman to fix up the batcave will turn that frown into… Well… Not a smile, but at least not a frown anymore. :rofl:

The bonus reading was also a lot of fun going through as well! :clark_hv_4:

DC Comics Presents #47 Summary

It seems Superman somehow finds a way to get trapped like this. :thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also, a nice fun training montage He-Man. :muscle: :smiley:

Yup, that’s right Josh… Poor clumsy Clark just going about as normal. :superman_hv_4:

Can never be too careful when on patrol Superman! :superman_hv_3:

Watch out for that overgrown pocket knife Superman. :fearful:

It was also nice that a time portal opened up so that Superman could return home as well as the possibility for more crossovers that they carried on into the future. :grin:


If you enjoyed DCU vs MOTU, I highly suggest the rest of MOTU that is available on DCUI. They get into a Multiverse thing, more on Orko and so many other great stories. I should also note that this story actually matters in the greater scheme of the MOTU storyline and it is cool to see how they get to this point.


Oh, nice! :smiley:

Yeah I saw there was a note in the last book in the run (if I’m remembering correctly) that said something about seeing what else happens to the Masters of the Universe.

Will have to check it out then. Thank you. :sunglasses: :+1:


One of my favorite scenes in this book:


A mighty Eternian hello to you, @ajm08g!

Well, I’m no MOTU nerd, but I do know that He-Man has starred in three TV series, with those being:

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (the first He-Man show, and the one that many of us '80s/'90s kiddies grew up with in some capacity; I discovered it via VHS rentals from the local Video Library store in the early '90s while procuring the toys from garage sales)
  • The New Adventures of He-Man (the first reboot of the property)
  • Masters of the Unverse (the 2002-debuting Cartoon Network reboot, oft-referred to as the “2000-X” series)

If you’re interested, Netflix will have two new MOTU series soon. One for kids, and one for us big kids, with that one being helmed by Kevin Smith and entitled “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”, which is a sequel to the original series from the '80s.

As for your selections, I liked your Teela screengrab the best. She is indeed very nice. :slight_smile:

Also, while I enjoy MOTU to a decent extent, it should absolutely go without saying that I am wholeheartedly Team :dc:.

tugs on his Superman shirt with pride

Thanks as always for tuning in, @ajm08g . :slight_smile:


An excellent suggestion!

DC’s MOTU comics are quite good, yet very underrated. I’ll admit that after my re-read of DCU vs. MOTU that I was sorely tempted to re-read the other MOTU titles, but I resisted.

For now. Mwa-ha-ha!


Oh, nice. :sunglasses: :+1:

Had to look up the intros of those shows to see if it jogged my memory… :sweat_smile:

From these, I think maybe I watched re-runs of the original show at some point as I do not recall seeing the later runs. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Very interesting… :thinking:

Always a pleasure to do so! :clark_hv_4: :justice_league_book_club:


Regarding show intros, I’d say my favorite is probably that of the original series.

More than nostalgia, it’s just a powerful intro. From the deep-voiced utterance of “He-Man” in the beginning to the brief intros of He-Man’s allies and the overall music (along with Skeletor’s weasely laugh at the end) it’s a catchy piece.

The New Adventures series is on Peacock, and I’ve slowly been watching it. It’s…okay, but definitely is lackluster when compared to the OG and 2000X series.

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I also just stumbled upon this and am wondering how I haven’t seen this yet… :astonished: :joy:

And why is the principal not calling everyone slackers? :thinking: :joy: