Justice League Book Club Week 18: Injustice: Gods Among Us

  • I played both Injustice video games.
  • Superman was not justified in the first year because once you first change your standards its easy to continue to let them slide. Just look at Boy Scouts for a real life example.
  • Team Batman all the way. Batman was for freedom while Superman couldn’t care less about free choice and freewill as the Totalitarian Leader he was.
  • I liked chapter 2 the most. I didn’t know much about the Lanterns before and enjoyed seeing how manipulative Sinestro was.

I forgot to say…



tugs on his “Team Superman” t-shirt, Captain Picard-style

Look at the fine stitching around “Superman”. I’m glad I snagged this at the Metropolis Farmer’s Market. S’nice.


And… Continued as I finished up Year 1 this past weekend… :sweat_smile:

First… :pleading_face:

Boy, the second half of year one was rough especially with moments like this. :cry:

Oh... No...

And the way that Jonathan, Martha, and Jor-El each huddled together when Clark went off to face Batman for the last time in this year. :cry:

And now onto the happier moments from the second half. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Happier Days

The power of social media. :sweat_smile:

Can’t forget Alfred for sure Batman! :batman: :older_man:

What a twist. :open_mouth: :flash_hv_5:

Going… Down. :joy:

And at least from Year One, I would say that the Year One Annual might be my favorite because of moments like these. :rofl:

Year One Annual Moments

Also probably my favorite issue because of all the culmination of events that took place in the books before it. :sweat_smile:


Hey hey, @ajm08g! Loved your highlights, especially the ones about social media and the elevator toilet. :grin:

Thanks for chiming in, as always. :+1:t2: