Justice League Book Club Week 1: Brave Beginnings and Bold Futures

I have read the first Justice League story before, but it has been a very long time. I have not read the other run before, so this was new to me. I enjoyed the story, although I don’t like Superman’s hair. It was interesting to have the villains be Martians.


Glad you enjoyed Morrison’s debut on JLA. Have you read anything else of his run on the series, or is the whole thing brand new to you?

Speaking of the White Martians, check out the first three episodes of Justice League, Season 1. They’re the catalyst for why that League comes together.


I havent read any of his JLA. I read his Animal Man years ago and enjoyed it.


I love everything of Morrison’s that I’ve read, regardless of publisher (his New X-Men is still an all-time favorite X-run of mine), but JLA’s at the top of the list for me.

Animal Man is one of his few credits that I’ve not read in full. Still, what I have read is pretty sweet.


I started reading
With Brave and Bold 30
Which I still consider
The best of the tryouts

The first two tryout issues
Which I read as reprints
Are very flat to me

Issue 28 is really
A solo GL segment
Then a WW and MM tesmup
Then a Flash segment

There was not even
An attempt to use Aquaman.

JLA by Morrison was action packed

Finally the Big 7 were back
Instead of the maInly B or C listers that the team had
Devoled into

And yet it eas fresh
Wally and Kyle were new

Clark Bruce and Jonn were the three leaders

Bats was the most dangerous

WW was used properly

The Peter David vetsion of
Aquaman was finally not a wimp
But a valuable player

A great run.


Howdy, @TurokSonOfStone1950! :wave:t2: Glad to see you, man. :clark_hv_4:

I agree that JLA was a great run. Granted, I’m enormously biased, but which other ongoing of the last 24 years since JLA launched can boast of writers like Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns and others?

In JLA #1, its funny to see where Morrison takes digs at lesser-known characters, be they in-panel or not. Someone will say “What happened to so and so?” with the typical response being “I don’t know, they lost their powers or something.”

Another great aspect of the first arc of JLA is Howard Porter’s art. When I hear his name, my mind instantly flashes to this series. He made a name for himself on this book, one that will hopefully continue to stand the test of time.


Oops, didn’t realize this had started… I’ll get started on reading these right away.


No worries, friend. You’ve until the 15th. Read and enjoy. :clark_hv_4:

SN: I don’t impose a “lock” on reading. Anyone can read whatever, whenever and comment whenever. I’m flexible.


@Vroom, have you read those 2 digital superman comics that are on here? Man of tomorrow I think. I thought they were pretty solid. I could nitpick a thing or to about the ending with the gambler in #2 but overall I felt like I was walking into a familiar place with characters acting and sounding like I imagine they would in those situations.

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Grant Morrison JLA is the only comic where I like blue supes

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Dude, Superman: Man of Tomorrow is :fire: and then some. It quickly became my favorite current Superman title when it launched in April (and in Superman Giant v2 before that). Robert Venditti writes a solid Superman yarn.

I think I mentioned it to you before, but if not, wait until the Superman and Metallo throwdown in upcoming issues. No wheels are reinvented involving superhero and villain dynamics, but it’s just fun and really nice to look at, thanks to penciler Paul Pelletier.

I’m glad you’re enjoying MOT. Be sure to chime in as you read further issues. :superman:

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You’ll want to tune-in in the coming weeks then, as Superman Blue’s JLA adventures will absolutely be covered here. :superman: :blue_heart:

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Okay yeah it’s defiantly :fire:
I can be hesitant sometimes when advocating for a story and will playdown my enthusiasm.
Me: “dude, check this story out it’s awesome!”
Response after reading: “meh, it’s okay. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s awesome” :right_anger_bubble: This guys taste sucks!
Me: :pleading_face: yeah that’s fair I just thought it was not bad, but perhaps I was a tad hyperbolic. :right_anger_bubble:

Any who, have a few pages left on TB&TB, I love the fun lightheartedness of the silver age stories. Probably will get a response post up this weekend and dive into JLA.

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I’m glad you’re digging TB&TB, and I can’t wait to read your thoughts on JLA. :clark_hv_4:

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Look!! I did it!! I was able to scrounge the time to read these issues!! :joy: I feel so accomplished!

Now to answer the Discussion Questions:

Is this your first time reading the debut of the JLA in The Brave and The Bold #28?


What are your thoughts on how Grant Morrison brought together a new League for a new era?

I really enjoyed it and liked how the story introduced you to the characters without being too expositive. I especially liked the callback to GL’s old weakness to things the color yellow from the The Brave and The Bold issue.

What was your favorite moment from this week’s material?

I have to say it was Martian Manhunter and his Martian Super-Breath (blowing stuff around and moving clouds :rofl:)


Greetings, Wings!

I’m glad you scrounged up the time to read these killer comics and tackle the Qs. :star2:

I’m also glad you enjoyed Morrison’s initial foray into JLA. The ride will get even better as we expand into his run over time.

To quote Ned Flanders:

“Thanks for stopping by!” :nerd_face: :+1:t2:

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  • Is this your first time reading the debut of the JLA in The Brave and The Bold #28?

It was! I thought it was well done, it was cool seeing everyone together, even if the way they beat Starro is a little lame and Snapper Carr is…Snapper Carr.

  • What are your thoughts on how Grant Morrison brought together a new League for a new era?

It’s a really great first arc, one that really cements what I think the best JLA runs and stories tend to be, where all these characters face off against a threat none of them can face by themselves.

  • What was your favorite moment from this week’s material?

From Brave & The Bold, a detail of it I really liked was how at first we see Superman breaking up asteroids falling to Earth, and you assume that this is just them explaining why Superman won’t play a big role in this story. But then they bring that point back by having Martian Manhunter – or in this story, John Jones, the Manhunter from Mars – use those broken down asteroids against Starro. I just didn’t expect a little call to continuity like that from this era of comics.

From JLA, call me biased, but Batman’s figuring out first what the Hyperclan was and them finding one of their own beat up with a note on him John McClane style was pretty dope. :smiley:

Also, Kyle Rayner’s “I’m a manga nerd with a power ring” line is iconic.


Greetings, @Jay_Kay! :wave:t2:

Good 'ol Snapper Carr. He may be a dork at times, but I love him. Hourman is one of my favorite titles to feature him.

I agree that Kyle’s manga line is iconic. It was ahead of it’s time in the late '90s and now fits the modern comic milieu perfectly. Grant Morrison knows how to do it.

Thanks for chiming in. :slight_smile:


Goodness, I read this on time but forgot to join in here :laughing:

  • No I’ve read TB&TB#28 a few times. It’s classic Silver age fun. I wish Aquaman had more of a story for this one though. I did like the little piece on Echinoderms, reminded me of those little entries in the old Showcase and Aquaman comics and wish they still did those.

  • I had never read this story or his run and did enjoy it. I’m not much of a GL person, I don’t dislike the Corps but whenever their absent from a JL story I’m never really bummed out or anything. Don’t have much of an opinion on Kyle’s GL but I do like Wally as the flash.

  • There’s a few moments I could dig into as far as science goes but its a comic. I did appreciate them pointing out the ridiculousness of altering the Sahara desert, could have explained why a bit better but I’ll take it. I think my favorite parts were with Aquaman, he writes a pretty badass AQ.

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Hey hey, @AquamonC137 and welcome!

Morrison does write a rad Aquaman. I’m now pondering what an ongoing Aquaman by him would be like. Probably as surreal and fantastic as his work on The Green Lantern, but underwater. As Lex said in Superman Returns, “Possibilities. Endless possibilities.”

BTW, I officially declare you the Aquaman of the JLBC. :trident: :crown: :dolphin:

Thanks for stopping by! :clark_hv_4: