Justice League Book Club Watch-Along: Static Shock Season 3, Episodes 6 and 7: "A League of Their Own", Saturday, June 19th at 2PM PT/5PM ET

Hello Justice League, Milestone, Static, and TV fans! This week’s JLBC Watch-Along is primed to explode with all kinds of FUN! Read on!

Who: You, a person of exquisite taste!

What: A Watch-Along of Static Shock, season 3, episodes 6 and 7: “A League of Their Own”, featuring characters from Dakota and the Justice League united against the evil Brainiac!

When: This coming Saturday, June 19th at 2PM Pacific Time/5PM Eastern Time.

Where: This thread, at the above designated date and time. Please do be punctual, as the fun begins right on time. Set your watch and clocks! :watch: :mantelpiece_clock:

Why: Because you’re you, and you enjoy enjoying enjoyable things with enjoyable people! :slight_smile:

How: You’ll need a device to watch our show on (TV, computer, tablet, phone, etc) and a device to comment with (computer, phone, tablet, etc). Its a 2 (devices) for 1 (Watch-Along) extravaganza of fun and jocular, jovial, :sparkles: :sparkles: JOY :sparkles: :sparkles:!

BONUS: We’ll also be watching a bonus episode of Static Shock after the above two-parter. This one also features denizens of the DCU, in particular a character who, like Static, debuted in the ‘90s and remains an iconic fan-favorite to this day. Which episode is this? I’m not telling, you’ll just have to attend and find out, puddin’! :slight_smile: :00_harlivy: :00_harley_quinn:

That’s all there is to it, easy peasy! I hope to see you here this weekend, when worlds :boom: collide :boom:! :justice_league_book_club:

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Well I’ll be, this is on HBO Max! I see there’s already a Static Shock Watch Along that happens every late Saturday night that recently saw this, like a month ago. Unfortunately that one is way too late at night for me to join here on the East Coast, so I may have to sample this one instead!


Corporate, cross-platform synergy at its best, @Don-El_52! :grin:

I hope to see you join the fun. You’ve a seat in the VIP section, good sir.

I have it bookmarked, but we’ll have to see what the day brings it being Saturday in the summer etc.

These episodes are about 21 minutes long each. I just listened to the introduction song and I’m thinking "catchy song… but they could have cut it down to about one-fourth that length to make more room for a story!

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'Member, we’re watching three episodes (the two-parter that features the JL, and then an episode that features…other guest stars from the DCAU. :eyes:

hmmmmm a mystery

I better practice using the Roku remote control so I can quickly go to whatever episode this will be

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A mystery, and if one looks hard enough, I have peppered clues about.

Shall I reveal the answer if it’s correctly guessed? Nope. I keep the milk in the back of the store for a reason. :grin:

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Always enjoy watching static and those are 2 of my fav episodes!

Side note could it be the Nails episode? :00_harley_quinn:

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Cool beans, @stefanie.m! A League of Their Own is a favorite of mine as well. I look forward to seeing you here on Saturday. :clark_hv_4:

As for the other episode, I…I just don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see what Santa brings us, won’t we? :grin:

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4 hours and 52 (a fine number) minutes to go! :slight_smile:

A wee bit over two hours to go! :00_shazam: :00_shazam: :clark_hv_4:

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7 mins

Three minutes

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oh snap are the JL characters in this show often?

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The only thing better than a scheduled watchalong is a ‘I didn’t know there was going to be a watchalong’.

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here and there. Not so much really


honestly the spur of the moment ones are best for me.

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would either of y’all wanna do a Steel one soon? Watched it the other day and I feel like it aged well LOL. It’s super funny, it’s got hart, and the bad parts are kind of great now and can be tossed up to being an old movie.

Looks like I made it in time for the ambush. :sweat_smile:

Hello there everyone. :wave: :sunglasses:

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