Justice League Book Club Watch-Along: Freedom Fighters: The Ray, Saturday, June 12th at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern


Greetings, all! As part of Pride Month, this week’s Justice League Book Club spotlight is on The Ray, both in comics and in the CW Seed series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

Read on for the details!

Who: You, a person who likes fun things! :slight_smile:

What: A Watch-Along of Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

When: This Saturday, the 12th at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern.

Where: Right here, in this very thread!

Why: Because hanging out with your fellow fans and watching cool stuff is fun!

How: Ah, glad you asked! See below. :point_down:t2:

For this Watch-Along, you’ll need:

  • Access to Freedom Fighters: The Ray. It’s available on HBO Max, as well as Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD. However you choose to watch the flick is up you, just make sure you have it. :slight_smile:

  • A device to comment with. While watching The Goods on your TV/computer/tablet/phone, you’ll comment via another device of your choice. It’s a 2 (devices) for 1 (Watch-Along) festival of :sparkles: FUN! :sparkles: :partying_face: :champagne:

  • To be on time. :watch: We start right at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern, so do please be punctual. Remember, as the classic saying goes, “Five minutes early is on time.” :superman_hv_4:

That’s all there is to it! I hope to see you in this thread, this coming Saturday afternoon as we fly into the action and adventure of Freedom Fighters: The Ray!


Woot! I watched this a while back while bingeing everything in DC’s HBOmax existence and was blown away! That was the first time I’d ever heard of these characters!


Nifty! Did the show (which was edited into a movie, just like Vixen, for any wondering) inspire you to check out other comics with The Ray and/or the Freedom Fighters?


100% I didn’t realize it started as a show, how cool! I’ve actually had the Ray on my reading list for quite some time so the book club selection gives me the perfect prompt to put it on the top of my virtual stack and finally read it!


Awesome! :hugs: I look forward to your thoughts! :slight_smile:


Just tossin’ this out there. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything that’s DC-based, or the topic at hand, but “ray” is in the title of the song, so…it’s close enough. Kinda, not really, I know, but it is Warner Brothers-owned, so it’s under the same corporate tree as DC at least. All the same, enjoy. :superman_hv_4:


Four hours and fifty minutes to go, @JusticeLeagueBookClub! :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

I hope to see you attend the animated fun! :clark_hv_4:

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Two, that’s two hours to go, League! :slight_smile:

fires up the popcorn, Ray-style


have ya’ll started?

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Nope. The :sparkles: fun :sparkles: begins at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern, so in…

looks at clock

1 hour and 54 minutes.

Plenty of time to go nab snacks, comics (check this out) and all of The Things you may need for a squidge of Saturday afternoon fun. :clark_hv_4:


ooops my bad… haha, I’m Central time, sorry

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Not a problem. I hope to see you in…

looks at clock once more

…1 hour and 52 minutes. :slight_smile:

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Thanks… I have actually never seen this one… So i’m excited. :grinning:

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Wunderbar! It’s a good one, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Also, you may want to check out that link I posted in the post before my last one. It has all manner of shiny things pertaining to The Ray. :sunny:

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Will do. Thanks @Vroom

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You’re welcome. See you in just under 90 minutes!

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Just under one hour to go, you rays of WAL light! :sunny: :slight_smile:

is sure to thank @Shayera.Hol for the banner :00_hawkman:


Anytime! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Did the banner go poof and disappear, or is it still up and flying? I saw it, and then it blinked out, like a star, or…a…ray of light. :wink:

begins to hum Madonna’s “Ray of Light”, from the video posted above

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Banner is still up and flying! It appears on my end; did you perhaps accidentally click the X and dismiss it? :female_detective:

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