💥 💥 Justice League Book Club: The Road to Dark Crisis 💥 💥

Happy :sparkler: :sparkles: New DC Comics Day :sparkles: :sparkler:, @JusticeLeagueBookClub! :partying_face: :tada:

May 31st sees the release of this shiny-shine (as Magpie would call it) to better comic retail outlets:

While we read the above in anticipation of the June 7th release of Dark Crisis #1, let’s also re-examine one of the principal inspirations behind the event, a story that Dark Crisis scribe Joshua Williamson has cited many times over as being the pedestal that Dark Crisis rests upon, Crisis On Infinite Earths.

However you choose to prepare for DC’s biggest publishing event of 2022, be sure to read (or re-read) this be-all, end-all, game-changing Comic Book Event of Comic Book Events that was written by the magnificent Marv Wolfman and penciled by the one and only, George Perez:

Discuss whatever you like about Crisis on Infinite Earths, what you thought of Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis, what you’re expecting from Dark Crisis and…above all, please take a moment to honor artist extraordinaire George Perez, whose titanic talents will forever live on in the annals of comic book history, especially with regards to DC Comics.

That’s the mission, League! Have fun and enjoy!
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Here’s a couple spiffy variants for Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis:

Chris Burnham

Rafael Sarmento (Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E! :hugs:)

Also, here’s a handy-dandy Dark Crisis checklist for anyone wanting one:

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Thanks for the list Vroomy.

I will not be indulging in a re-read of COIE. I’ve read it once before years ago, and remember it was a bit of a time-sucker, something I have a bit less of nowadays.

Anywho, regarding Road to Dark Crisis. It was good. I enjoyed seeing Jurgens’ art in the first story; nice to see him draw that S again. I also liked the Green Lantern / Aquaman story. The art was amazing (I’ll be watching out for Fico Ossio in the future), and the idea of Hal being in space and oblivious to what happened is an interesting one.

I’ll be all in on this event, but what may make it a bit hard for me is that my knowledge of DC characters is not as prolific as some folks here. Judging by Williamson’s Infinite Frontier and JL Incarnate, I expect to see a lot characters I don’t know, and quite a few that I only know of. Hopefully that doesn’t hinder my experience. It hasn’t before, so should be ok.

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How-do, :superman:uper Friend!

“No problemo, man!”

I have to say though, that checklist is now outdated, as a few more books were recently added to it.

I’ll add the updated list to the OP tomorrow (Friday).

Oh, yes. Jurgens’ art was fantastic, and I’d like to see him on a Superbook post-Dark Crisis.

Maybe this story is a portent of things to come (i.e. Jurgens back on the Super Team)?

Probably not. :joy: However, it never hurts to be optimistic and hope for the best.

You should be good to go, but if not, I and others will be happy to fill in any blanks you may have. :slight_smile:

Also, Justice League Incarnate was very good, and my fav JL book in quite some time. Definitely check it out as it makes its way into our library.

“Thanks for stoppin’ by!”
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Thanks man. Always the class act.

It was a fun book. I was speaking based on that experience when I mentioned characters I was not that familiar with :slightly_smiling_face:. Though I didn’t know half the cast, I was still able to follow along ok. Hoping for the same with Dark Crisis.


Likewise, mon frere, likewise.

D’oh! :facepalm_catwoman:

I thought you were saying you hadn’t read JLI. My mistake.

Do check out Infinite Frontier however, as it too is quite good.

Unless you have read it, and I’m just being a goof who just can’t read and interpret things correctly tonight. :nerd_face:


I have :slightly_smiling_face:. Was good, though the “chains” binding the multiverse threw me for a loop at the end. As a matter of fact so did the lightning bolt “crack” in the multiverse everyone was playing hot potato with in JLI. I just took it all as balls to the wall comic book absurdity and had fun with it.

Nah, blame it on the goof who’s not articulating his thoughts clearly.


Gah, I blew it again! :sob: :joy:

I need to drown my “sorrow” in some comics…like the Action Comics Annual that dropped this week.

Action Comics makes everything better, especially when its as good as its been over the last year. :hugs:

Let’s hammer down a couple at the Ace o’ Clubs and call 'er a draw, m’kay, Bibbo? :superman_hv_4:


You got it, boss!



Rock on! :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:

To talk about the suggested reading, this turn with COIE had its highs and lows.

Highs: The story itself and its wonderful artwork.

Lows: George Perez, the artist behind said art, is no longer with us.

Reading Crisis in a world that is now sans Mr. Perez is a melancholy experience for me, ATM. I’ll adjust though, just need time.

It was fun however to just soak in all of the extraordinary art, even though its creator has passed.

Mr. Perez, your legacy will forever endure, and its work like Crisis on Infinite Earths that secures that legacy.

looks to Heaven and sends a “Thanks for everything.” message of goodwill The Master’s way

As for Road to Dark Crisis, I’m still reading it.

Given the group shots and other things the book offers, I’m drawing out my read of it so as to, as I did with COIE, sit back and let my eyes and mental sponge/brain just take it all in.


Fun fact:

The first comic I read was written, not drawn, by George Perez: Superman #1 (New 52). At the time all I knew of Supes was Cristopher Reeve, George Reeves, and whatever cartoons we’d gotten so far. Superman #1, though not universally loved, was enough to get me hooked. Of course I had no idea who George Perez was at the time. A few years later I came to understand the significance of what he has done for DC and comics as a whole. It saddened me a bit to read that he didn’t have a good experience writing the few issues of Superman that he did. Regardless, I will always remember that as my introduction into the wonderful world of DC comics. Thank you Mr. Perez for helping open that door for me. May you forever rest in peace.


Very cool! A Perez book of any kind is always a great starting point.

I remember when the solicits for the first issues of the initial New 52 titles came out.

Upon seeing Perez’s name on Superman #1, I thought “Cool! Hopefully this will be something akin to his Wonder Woman work.”

Alas, it wasn’t.

Still, I enjoyed his short tenure on Superman v3, and am glad he got to steer the Superman ship.

It was only for a short period, but the New 52 Superman (the title, as well as the character) was all the better with GP’s involvement.

@moro I was fixing some typos in the thread and I saw your new avatar, which is quite super!

I’m sure Tyler Hoechlin would approve of it. :wink: