:00_wonder_woman_stars: Justice League Book Club Micro-Read: Yara Flor and the Justice League :00_wonder_woman_stars:

Greetings, @JusticeLeagueBookClub!

Our next micro-read continues the Women’s History Month focus by turning the spotlight on the Wonder Woman of tomorrow, Yara Flor, and her adventures (solo, and with the Justice League) from Future State!

Here’s what to read (and in publication order, BTW):

Have fun, discuss whatever you like about these books and stay :wonderwoman:onderful, League!
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question: how critical is it to read Infinite Frontier: Wonder Girl before Future State: Wonder Woman?


Future State: Wonder Woman comes before Wonder Girl. I would suggest reading Future State before the Infinite Frontier books for this character.


I did not wait and apparently did it correctly. I am now halfway through this micro read. Infinite Frontier: Wonder Girl waits for my eyes.


I read these two back when they came out and enjoyed them, and still do after re-reading them, and even finding some new interesting bits to it.

The Wonder Woman book was very fun, and a great introduction to Yara as a character. She’s strong, passionate and willing to do whatever it takes to save one of her sisters, but she’s also sassy, a wiseass, and more than a little impetious. I was sold on her as soon as I saw her try to distract a cerberus by doing the ole’ “removable thumb” trick. Not to mention her pet pegasus Jerry. Jerry is a G.

I also liked how it blended the familiar Grecko-Roman mythologies we’re familiar with and the Brazilian/South American folklore that Yara’s presence calls out. It’s stuff we don’t see a lot, at least in the DC mythos. I will say that I wish that we saw more of this going forward, but considering the time they had up to Trial of the Amazons, I can forgive it…as long as we get more Yara going forward.

As for Justice League, this was pretty cool. Yara herself doesn’t play as big a role, but these issues do highlight some other awesome ladies in this team, including Aquawoman (reminds me I need to read that Future State mini with her) and especially Green Lantern Jo Mullein (one day I will be able to put her name down without looking it up on Google, but it’s not this day), who I love being the leader of this team.

I also love the blend of eras this story has. The Legion of Doom invokes a more classic 60s-70s era, and the Hyperclan is of course from the Grant Morrison JLA. Even the whole “none of us know each other outside the group” thing invokes some of the initial New 52 Justice League. There’s also some interesting worldbuilding – similar to Superman/Wonder Woman, there’s this hint of things the JL of old did to save the world and I want to know what it is.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this group in a miniseries or something, especially if they added to the roster as we saw at the end. (As an aside, does anyone know who the woman with the really poofy hair that takes up the most space is? I want to say Naomi, but I couldn’t tell for sure)

There is a bittersweet part to this story, and that’s the amazing art by Robson Rocha. Between this and his previous arc on Aquaman, he was setting up to be an incredible up-and-coming artist who could have been one of the greats of this generation. But sadly that isn’t to be, since he died last year at the super young age of 41 due to Covid-19.

…That was a bit of a bummer at the end. Sorry about that. Uh…yeah, good books. :sweat_smile:


I am curious to who the betrayer was to make for the future state JL to make the no fraternization rule.

More of my thoughts to come…


Oh, there was a detail I was going to say about the Wonder Woman book that I smooth forgot to mention:

When we see the flashback of how the warrior who’s name I don’t remember died, I noticed this go around that it was definitely set in Themyskira and several of their Amazons and I think even other characters like Cassie and Donna. This makes me wonder if that is foreshadowing to what will happen in Trial of the Amazons…


I look forward to reading them!

Excellent point!

Given how certain things from Future State have played out in the current DCU, you might be onto something.


While I am programmed to expect an origin story of any hero, new or established, I liked that Wonder Woman started with Yara already established and in action. It is why I thought I should read Wonder Girl first. I was not aware of the order.

The DMV like waiting area of limbo was amusing. Perhaps a touch silly. The blending of Greco-Roman and Brazilian mythos worked for me. But I have found that it would work with Diana as well. I like that Yara has a winged horse. And that its name is Jerry. AND, like most Jerrys, has a mind of its own.

I liked the conclusion. All that work only to return empty handed.

Justice League thoughts to come…


I enjoyed Wonder Woman and Yaras introduction without going through the baggage of an origin, I enjoyed the merging of the Amazonian and Greek mythologies, and would look forward to seeing more of it.
As to JL an interesting take on the successor league and their reason for not being as tight. Yard wasn’t the primary focus, as it was more of an ensemble cast, a team I would like to see more of.


Likewise, and that may be a principle reason why I just fell in love with Yara right away.

We didn’t have to see her origin story and how she came to be WW, yada, yada. yada. She just WAS and we were lucky enough to be along for the ride.

Jerry is the coolest winged horse since Pegasus. True story.

As always, I look forward to them. :+1:t2:

Hurry for like-mindedness! :raised_hands:t2:

I’d like to see more of the FS JL too.

With what we’ve seen of Dark Crisis so far, we just may get our wish on seeing Yara, Jon and Jace suit-up and unite as a team once more (and for the first time, chronologically-speaking).

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So again, straight into the middle. With a little bit of some backstory because it is about the team and not just one or two main players.

I liked how the LoD and the Hyperclan were so bent on revenge.

more thoughts when i collect them…


As you collect, do be sure to pick up all accompanying vehicles, playsets and accessory sets (and at the full SRP as well :wink:), so that you have the full experience.


Sorry for being so vague. my last post was in reference to the FS: JL portion of the selection.

I really want to know who…

I liked these callbacks
image image
my snipping skills need work…


Those callbacks were nice.

Wonderful, even. :wink:


One more thing: I like Superman without a cape.


He can work that way, sure.

I tend to also like his suit without the trunks, New 52 and DCEU-style.

hides before @Reaganfan78 sees the playful comment above





:rofl: Dang it @Vroom, you win the eyes stare! I still like Superman with the red trunk the best.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: