:0_catwoman: Justice League Book Club Micro-Read: Catwoman Joins The Justice League :0_catwoman:

The Batman is here @JusticeLeagueBookClub and with it, a brand-new, live-action interpretation of Catwoman!
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Here’s a riddle for you: Did you know Catwoman was a member of the Justice League? She was!

Read issues 1-5 of the below series to see Catwoman in action with the World's Most Dangerous Super Heroes:

Discuss whatever comes to mind about this story, and in particular what you think of Catwoman as a member of the Justice League of America. Is she out or her league, or is she standing shoulder to shoulder with other legends on a level she was always meant to be at?

I hope you enjoy this quick, easy, micro-read heroes and that you enjoy (or enjoyed) The Batman as well. Viva Catwoman and the Justice League! :muscle:t2: :catwoman_hv_5:


I think the first arc of this Justice League of America was great

Steve Trevor assembles a group under Amanda Waller

Each member was to neutralize a member of the New 52 Justice League

Martian Manhunter vs

Catwoman vs Batman

Katana vs Wonder Woman

Hawkman vs Aquaman

GL Simon vs Hal

Vibe vs Flash

Stargirl vs Cyborg

Somehow this group jelled.

Each character was given some good characterization

Then it went nowhere

After a big crossover.

Good use of
Catwoman’s stealth and undercover skills

Jonn shines

Even Savage Hawkman is put to good use, the only time in New 52.


It was a solid read.

Not that I, as an ardent Geoff Johns fan, would be biased in recognizing it as such. No, no.
:smirk: :shushing_face:

What’d you think of the art, Turok?

I loved it, but again, I’m an ardent David Finch fan, so I might be a teensy bit biased towards it as well. :grin:

Aw come on, The Savage Hawkman was a fun book.

“Even the issues by Liefeld?”

Yes, even those. For me, Hawkman was alive and well during The New 52 (although it can arguably be said he was alive and soaring with unparalleled energy during Rebirth). :nerd_face: :00_hawkman:


I liked the art

Solid portrayal of all chsracters.

Stargirl looks sweet

Jonn looks mysterious

Vibe is funny

As is Catwoman being subsituted for Oliver.

He can’t get into either league.


Hee-hee! :joy: No offense to GA because I do feel sorry for him, but…


If you’ve seen The Batman, now’s a purrfect time to get your fix of more Catwoman! :catwoman_hv_2:


Reread those issues last night in our library.
(It was too much trouble to do it in Comixology)

Stargirl Jonn and Catwoman stood out

Though Selina’s costume was not the best.

Sums up the essence of this version of the character.


How-do once more, good Sir Turok!

Heh-heh, haven’t we all been saying that in some way since Kindle Comics Comixology’s latest update? :grin:

I’ll be back later to reply in greater detail (I’ve got a couple issues left in my re-read), but thank you once more for chiming in. :superman_hv_4:


I did my re-read on DCUI as well, because unlike Kindle Comics Comixology, I can read books from DCUI on a nice-size computer monitor, easy-peasy.

Of course, we used to be able to read books from Comixology on a computer monitor easy-peasy, but that was before the dark times. Before the Kindle Comics era.

Agreed, and with extra emphasis on Stargirl. This was a good book for Court to make her New 52 debut in.

Bonus Q: Which is the better New 52 title to star Stargirl, this one (JLA) or Justice League United?

I really enjoy both (although JLU kind of hit the skids in the DC You era), so I don’t have a solid, definitive preference.

JLA is nifty because it’s written by Geoff Johns (who created Courtney Whitmore), while JLU is cool because its a Canadian Justice League, and that it also starred characters from this series (Stargirl, Green Arrow, Hawkman). Oh, and Adam Strange was in JLU too, so you know…tons of Cool Points to Justice League United for that, mmhmm. :sunglasses:

Artistically-speaking, I have to side with JLA, especially when it comes to the issues for this reading. David Finch is one of my top three fav comic artists ever, so when he’s on a book, I’m there and absolutely rooting for him. :muscle:t2: :partying_face:

IDK…I kind of liked it. :star_struck:

“Moving on!”

As for how Catwoman functioned on the team, that worked nicely. Selina is the last to admit she’d ever work well on any kind of Justice League team, let alone a government-backed one, but by Rao, she stuck the landing and then some with this JL.

I’d like to see Catwoman on another JL team at some point (maybe after Dark Crisis? :man_shrugging:), and in a position of command. I don’t think she’s ever really led a Justice League-level team before, so seeing a thief with a heart of gold in charge (on some level) of The World’s Greatest Super Heroes™ would add a new dimension to her character, and create several interesting new things to do with her, I feel.

SN: One of my favorite characters in this entire series is Vibe. While I like his original iteration best, the New 52 take was fun and featured a pretty snazzy updated costume to boot.


I liked the varied cast of characters in JLU.

Some of my favorite characters were in that title

But the team never jelled.

Catwoman works best in a team that works in the shadows, like Marvels first few issues of Secret Avengers

I remember an Outsiders series that worked like that, but then changed direction.

Martian Manhunter was in it for one issue, with Metamorpho but then Chuck Dixon changed the membership.

I remember Catwoman in it

I googled that


Outsiders Vol. 3 #50 (September 2007)


If you made the Michelle Pfeiffer gif, that look really awesome! :smiley:


Generally, that’s true.

However, it would be fun to see her serve on a non-government-backed JL team in a capacity where she has to be in the light while also maintaining her true nature.

It might sound wonky conceptually, but I believe it can work well with the right writer (that’s true for anything, TBH).

Absolutely and completely my fav Avengers book at the time it was published. Brubaker’s run was :kissing: :pinched_fingers:t2:, and then some.

As for Batman and the Outsiders v2, that was a killer book too, and absolutely my fav Batman book when it was new.

For any new to that title (which did start out as “Batman and the Outsiders”, and was then eventually changed to “Outsiders”), check it out:

Not moi. I sharpen my artistic axe on the writing stone, so gifs and such are out of my wheelhouse. It IS cool though, isn’t it?

I found it on Giphy, and its credited to…

looks it up

…Karla Delakidd, a freelance animator.

If you’re reading Ms. Delakidd, then from one freelancer to another, you’ve got skills, and then some. :+1:t2:


I thought Catwoman worked well with this team. She helped with the mission even if they didn’t capture many of the villains. Vibe was more interesting than the version I remember from Justice League Detroit. I wish Steve wasn’t so easily manipulated by Waller, but maybe subsequent issues show he is more savvy.


Hello there again Justice League Book Club. Tally-Ho! :wave: :sunglasses:

Very interesting seeing Catwoman associated with a League. :00_justice_league:

It did make sense when Waller had here as a “unofficial” member to work out of the shadows. :catwoman_hv_2:

It was funny when Green Arrow found that out the hard way courtesy of Hawkman. :00_hawkman: :smile:

Also… This made me wonder when Catwoman would have met up with Bizarro at some point. :thinking:


Hiya, @scoop001! :wave:t2:

:exploding_head: You may just be the first person I’ve seen say that.

Also, I’m now curious what a New 52 iteration of Justice League Detroit would have been like. If only…

Likewise, but we all know how The Wall works and how she can get her hooks in anyone/thing.

I won’t spoil anything, but please read on and report back with your thoughts on the latter issues of the book, if you like.

Thanks for chiming in. :slight_smile:


Tally-hooooooo, @ajm08g!

In-deed! She was a great addition to this team, and thusly the JL annals as a whole.

Gotham City-based kitties know the shadows. :smirk_cat: :smile_cat:

SN: That said, do they know The Shadow? :thinking:

strokes his chin in thought as he imagines a Catwoman/The Shadow mini-series, and it’s potential for comic book glory

M’kay, now I want a Catwoman/Bizarro team-up.

Biz: “You am ugly kitty.”

Catwoman: “Uh, thanks?”

Selina will eventually understand that what Bizarro says is the opposite of what he means.


Great Rao, trying to understand Bizarro Speak™ can sometimes make one feel like this:

Speaking of Catwoman @ajm08g, did you see The Batman, yet? It’s pretty darn outstanding, especially where our Justice League member in the shadows is concerned. :catwoman_hv_4:

Thanks for stoppin’ by, Ace! :superman_hv_4:


Brilliant Vroom! :joy:

Yup, I know what you mean. :superman_hv_4:

Not yet… :pensive:

Although, I did just find out my nearest theater has reopened so maybe this weekend I might be able. :batman: :catwoman_hv_2:


blushes a smidge

Hey, check this out:

Its not Bizarro and Catwoman, but close enough. Give 'er a read (if you haven’t already) and LMK what you think.

Ha! When even Superman can’t figure it out, Bizarro should just say “Okay, fine. I tried the backwards speak thing, and it just confused people. So, you know what? I’ll just talk like a normal person from now on. I’ll still do my backwards Superman thing naturally, but I’ll now speak in a manner so people can actually make sense of what I’m saying.”

BTW, what book is that screenshot from? It looks very familiar…

Hurray for your re-opened theater! :partying_face:

Whenever you do see The Batman, do so on the biggest screen and with the best sound system (especially Dolby Atmos, should you have a theater equipped with it). If you need to kick in a few extra bones for a higher-quality presentation, do it, as you’ll be glad you did. :superman_hv_4:


Oh, fascinating. :clark_hv_4:

Yes, I will be sure to add it into my reading list and will let you know what I think of it. :sunglasses: :+1:

That would be hilarious, and I can see that happening at some point as well. :joy:

Ah, yes. It is from this book here. :harley_classichqtas:

Yes! :partying_face: Had been very concerned that it was not going to open again… :grimacing:

As our Young Justice comrades have said… Noted. :yjo_nightwing: :yjo_superboy: :yjo_wolf:

Thanks for the tips as I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it. :batparrot:


You’re ahead of the curve, my friend.

“Why’s that?” asks ajm.

That story will be featured in The Modern Age Superman Club during our Harley Quinn 30th anniversary festivities later in the year.

If you’ve already read the arc where Harley and Ivy hit Metropolis, then you’re able to just jump right into the discussion! :partying_face:

If you aren’t already a member (and I don’t think you are :wink:), you could join the MASC and when the post goes up, you’ll be ready to rock the thread like your favorite rock star. :metal:t2: