Justice League Action

Ok I know the show was meant for kids but it still has a certain charm. I liked its art style and enjoyed the humor. I’m wondering if it’ll ever end up here some day. It’d be nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks so.


Yes to that! Also, is it cancelled or is there a season 2 happening?

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Justice League Action is a swell show, and I hope it makes it onto DC Universe.

While the show hasn’t officially been canceled, there’s also been no order for new episodes since the conclusion of Season 1 last summer.


Its on HULU and currently Cartoon Network and WB own it.


I love it. Especially how they write Green Arrow and Firestorm. In Firestorm’s case, a lot of times when adults write teenage characters they just end up being obnoxious, but I really like Ronnie on the show.

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I don’t know why it didn’t do well, I really loved the show, I hope there is a season 2

Yep! Love me some JLA & Space Cabbie- hoot hoot! Yep, own it- & enjoy it on CN & Hulu!

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JLA was a great show. Cartoon Network could’ve done more to promote it.

Like promote it, for starters.

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Isn’t Cartoon Network owned by Time Warner? If so I wouldn’t think it should be a problem other than they, might, sorta, could possibly but not likely be doing new episodes. I say it like that because even if there is only the smallest of chances they’re going to do new episodes I can see somebody being like no we don’t want it on DCU yet. Let’s face it it not hard to find a story about such and such character can’t be used because we might use them in a move. So I don’t see it being a stretch to think a show can’t be on DCU because there’s the smallest chance new episodes may be produced. If it’s because it’s on Hulu that’s fine. I just don’t see new episodes being made at this point. It would be next year at best they would aid. The toy like has been cancelled or at the very least is only carried in limited number of stores.

I should have added I like the show and own both volumes of the DVD. The toys were so hard to find at first in my area that I only bought the 10" ( 12" ?) and 5" Wonder Woman figures. I never even saw some figures in the line but I love the look of the figures. I hate collecting hard to find figure likes because there is just no fun in it.

@LPC76, the 4.5" line is done. Atom, a space themed Batman, Cyborg, and Stargirl are on Amazon but I doubt they’ll actually be available. They were on walmart.com for a long time too.

I’d love to be wrong and see those figures get a release. Stargirl in particular.

I know the argument can be made that I should just buy the figures online and it’s a valid argument. But I prefer to buy items in a actual store when I can because I love the hunt but also if we don’t buy enough of the products we love in our local stores they will quit carrying them. Not to mention at times online a $10 figure soon after it comes out can be double the price of more. A perfect example of what I’m talking about is the Multiverse Rebirth Wonder Woman, I’ve never seen this figure on Amazon for $19.99 the common retail price. I could rant on this forever but I’ll stop for now.

Vroom that wasn’t directed at you it’s just some of my thoughts on just buying what I want online even thought it seems like the reality of that the majority of my shopping going to the online world grows everyday. I shouldn’t have to not only order the new Wonder Woman trade but then realize there is a even newer trade out.