Justice League 50

I was getting ready to read DC Universe Rebirth and it told me i needed to read Justice League 50 and Superman 52 first. Are these titles on DCU yet? Any help finding them will help


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I don’t think you have to read either.

Both are mainly battle issues that end the status quo and set up some stuff that Geoff Johns thought was important at the time. You don’t need to know this stuff because it either hasn’t happened yet or is not mentioned any more or went back to the way it was before the issue started.

Read his Rebirth 1 and you will be fine. It is in our Library.


Superman 52 - the previous version of Superman has been living on the new 52 world for some time and takes over for the new 52 Superman when his dies. No Longer mentioned

Read Justice League 0 and 1 and see the JL interact with the old Superman for the first time if you want to.

Justice League 50

The last few pages introduces some ideas with no effect on current canon.

Batman finds out that there was more than one Joker. Not resolved to this day.

Darkseid is reduced to a baby all grown up now.

Wonder Woman finds out she has a twin brother. This resulted in a very bad series of Wonder Woman Comics by James Robinson. Effect on canon none. He is no longer mentioned.

Turok’s right, you don’t need to read them. It helps understand Luthor’s armor in the initial Rebirth Action Comics issues, but that’s about all that I can recall.

You should read them though, because they are both bad@$$, JL #50 in particular. Great reads.

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thanks yall