Justice league 2

we need to let warner bros know we want justice league 2 with ben Affleck as batman and Henry cavil as superman!


Sorry it ain’t gonna happen. The Snyder cut is much more realistic dream to ask for!

Even though it won’t happen, I’ll happily scream at a WALL that I’d ABSOLUTELY love a Justice League 2. Thank you.

I actually couldn’t care less about a Snyder Cut of JL. I would, however like the full content of the film that Warner Bros. studios decided to cut because they gave time limitations. Joss Whedon is a more than competent writer/director. He’s time tested. So whether it’s called the “Snyder Cut” or whatever BS they want to call it, just give us the complete, uncut edition of JL. Thanks.

We will get it eventually. But WB needs to get their house in order first.