Justice Leage Book Club (Week One: 02/13/2019)

I was chatting with some folks about starting a Book Club on a current book and seeing there is one Justice League book put out every week we decided to make it a Justice League Book Club!

New books are issued every Wednesday, so we’ll take Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to pick up and read the book and we’ll start discussing it first thing Sunday morning thru Tuesday.

Please don’t post anything that could possibly spoil the book before Sunday morning.

This Week 02/13/2019:
Justice League Dark #8

02/20/19: Justice League #18
02/27/19: Justice League Odyssey #6
03/06/19: Justice League #19
03/13/19: Justice League Dark #9
03/20/19: Justice League #20
03/27/19: Justice League Odyssey #7


Starting at the beginning might help. But I see what your doing starting with this week’s JL release.

I get what you’re saying, but even if you just pick up JLDark #8 and JLOdyssey #6 and start from there I’ve been reading those from the beginning and intend to give a pretty thorough synopsis Sunday morning. I’m really enjoying JLDark so I expect I’ll be pretty descriptive.

I started Justice League at issue #10 so I’m not incredibly familiar with the story before Drowned Earth, so I’ll start there.

On a bright note this week’s JLDark is “The Lords of Order: Chapter One,” so we’re starting at the beginning of a fresh ark.

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I work from 4am to 1pm, so I’ll post my thoughts/review this evening once I finish my chores.

Free free to start the discussion before then!

While Red Hood is busy taking down a drug ring and Night Wing doesn’t even know if he wants to be a hero or not, the Justice League takes on huge events packed with nothing but brutal action by the most powerful adversaries in the Multiverse…and then we have Justice League Dark…

Wonder Woman recruited Bobo after stopping at his bar about to give up because no one wanted to join her. Zatana and Swamp Thing are force into it all and the Man-Bat-Dude-Thing pretty much just needs a place to live. This is really just a rag-tag vagabond team of some pretty powerful heroes following Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman hoping for a chance to do some cool stuff.

We come into issue #8 in the middle of a big pile of mess where absolutely nothing has been done about the situation with magic other than to make things worse.

Hecate caused some trouble for Wonder Woman but wound up getting eaten by the Upside-down Man. Thing about all that is that Upside-down Man is Hecate’s opposite self. The two halves are now whole, are leading The Otherkind and are getting into Man-Bat-Dude-Thing’s head.

The Parliment of Trees burned down and is now being “improved” by some sentient flower things. No noticable changes with Swamp Thing but this has got to be significant.

Bobo is a drunk monkey who broke Myrra. It all looks very forboding with Bobo and Zatana’s dad’s warning…

And Dr. Fate wants to eat the world with the Helm of Fate.

Cerce is up to some @#&$ as well. Let’s not forget about Cerce.

Issue #8:

Wonder Woman and Zatana are away looking for someone to help them with some powerful magic stuff while Swamp Thing and Bobo have to flee the bar from Upside-down Man and his army of Otherkind into a magical dimension and right into the lap of Dr. Fate and who seem to be the Lords of Order…the Lords or Order look pretty tough.

I’m still holding out for Constantine. We never actually saw what happened to him so he can reappear out of nowhere…it’s the way it works.

At the very least Wonder Wonder Woman & Zatana are safe and Man-Bat-Dude-Thing has a guy who has something important to say.

The problems just keep getting bigger and bigger and while I’m thinking that everything is on the verge of blowing up I have to remind myself we’re only on issue #8

…this is just the beginning.