Just started Titans....and its good.

Finished episode one, I don’t work til 5pm tomorrow so I might just binge it out. The early criticizing for aesthetics doesn’t even matter to me. Each character is delivering and I enjoy the narrative set up in this first episode. Wonder what’s next :thinking:


your in for a real treat not gonna spoil for you but it gets better hope you enjoy

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So happy to hear that you’re enjoying it, @Anakinflytalker :slight_smile: If you get the chance, you should join in on the watch-a-longs, too! An example of such a thread from the 30th can be found here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/titans-s1-e8-watch-a-long

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Oh man I’m jealous, wish I was watching them for the 1st x again. Brilliant show.

Glad the show has a new viewer. Perhaps you’ll enjoy the rest and catch up before the season finale or at least before season 2 in probably 2020