Just saw the animated Spidey film and OMG!

Best animated superhero film ever. I truly enjoyed it more than the new Marvel MCU Spidey films. Is there a DC animated film like this? Good story along with impressive animation and soundtrack? I haven’t seen all the Batman animated films but I feel it has the most potential to adopt an artistic style like this. I think Booster Gold could also do something similar with his time traveling storylines.


In terms of story, acting and character work, Mask of the Phantasm is DC’s best animated movie. But if you want to see one that’s pure style, try Batman Ninja.


Into The Spider-Verse was phenomenal! I rank it as my 2nd favorite animated movie ever. Only one that tops it for me is Mask Of The Phantasm.

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Imma say…

“Beware The Batman”


It’s a cgi Batman tv show that has that same kinda snappy animation as Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse but less overall detail. Spiderverse had some semi-realism in it’s art while this is more basic. Unfortunately it was canceled because not too many people knew about it.

I think Spiderverse definitely deserved that best picture award, it must look amazing on 4k Blu-Ray. I want DC to rebuttal with a new large budget cgi film of their own. That would be interesting. With that movie and the PS4 game, it was a great year for Spider-Man. I think we need a new Arkham game and a new cgi movie to combat that.

Although, I am pretty excited for the 2D “Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie coming out soon.


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is a work of art. When I was into Marvel, I would have loved to have seen an animated movie done in its style and adult tone featuring one of their brands. To see it on the big screen is quite an experience.

To me, MOTP is still one of the top ten theatrically released animated movies of all time. Perhaps in the top five even.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is a great anthology with fantastic animation.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse has very vivid and colorful animation that is A. faithful to artist Michael Turner’s artwork in the storyline from the Superman/Batman series the movie is based on, and B. Beautiful in general, especially when Wonder Woman and Barda take on the Furies.

Justice League: The New Frontier is a spot on duplication of Darwyn Cooke’s art from the DC: The New Frontier mini-series the movie is adapted from. If you want a glimpse of Cooke’s art, check out the movie, then dive in all the way with the mini that inspired it.

Going back to theatrical animation, The Lego Batman Movie was full of vivid detail, an interesting analysis on Batman, fun humor and a Batcave or two worth of easter eggs.

I think the DC brand is sitting quite well in the animated movie department overall, especially with an evergreen hallmark film like Mask of The Phantasm, which seems to get more and more popular every year. I’d love to see more theatrically released animated movies with DC characters. WB can make a solid product starring whoever and I’ll see it.


Mask of the Phantasm has become so overrated. I mean it’s great and I get why so many love it but it’s just not my favorite DC Animated film. Maybe in the top 5 but I’d be #5

@TX Different strokes for different folks buddy =)

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A great movie, innovative, fun, action packed, visually a work of art


Into the Spider-Verse was really, really good, even better than the MCU offerings for last year. But greatest animated superhero flick of all time? Heck no, it wasn’t even the greatest animated superhero movie of 2018 (that trophy goes to Incredibles 2, IMHO).

Others have mentioned Mask of The Phantasm and other DC animated properties as a contenders for Greatest Of All Time, and I’d also include the first Incredibles movie in nominations - but the movie I’d support most vociferously would be The Iron Giant. Yeah, you kind of have to look at it sideways to see it as a superhero flick, but when you get to that singular moment in the third act climax, you understand.

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Hard for me to pick a greatest hero cartoon movie, the more I think about it, the more I seem to realize that every hero cartoon film has it’s weaknesses and strengths.

I found the back-stories of the characters in Spiderverse to be very relatable, very rare for Marvel to do with me for whatever reason. I think that’s probably why I like Spiderverse so much, I see a bit of myself in Spider-Man, Miles, Spider-Gwen. Very cool feeling.

In terms of animation, color and visual technique, it’s probably far ahead of anything else in recent years (not just hero genre).

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ReddBall, I couldn’t agree more! Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse is the best-animated film I have ever seen! Best CBM since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol1! I loved this film!