Just saw Teen Titans Go to the Movies

I saw it as part of my HBO subscription. It was even better than I expected, with wacky, unusual animation and plenty of solid injokes and humor. I personally like laughs to go along with my superhero adventures, which is why I also like Doom Patrol. Favorite moment? It has to be the time traveling scenes, especially when Starfire corrects Batman’s origin by shoving the Waynes to their doom and tosses the necklace in.


My favourite moment is the gag where Titans destroy Batman’s Batmobile, so he has a batmotorcycle, then a batscooter, batrollerskates and then… I won’t spoil it but I just laughed for a full minute.


I saw saw this movie in theathers with my friends. We really didn’t like it. But everyone has their own opinion

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I agree about the Batmobile scene as well. Perhaps my second favorite scene.


The best thing about TTG, they have no “sacred cows”. They will go after anything or anybody. Including The Batman.


I wish I saw this in theaters. Love the personalized intro.

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Saw when it came out with my little brothers. They liked it and I thought it was a fun. Definitely enjoyed those rewriting history scenes. And Batman’s scene with the scooter. Also the Martha scene. It was a good ole fun super hero movie.


So much better than it had any right to be.

Just watched it again recently, and even though the jokes didn’t land quite as hard as they did on the first viewing in the theatre, it still holds up.


Was great. Having 4 kids and seeing this at the movies the only thing that slapped me was Robin’s obnoxious message to kids about asking parents where babies come from. I was like oh geez thanks guys! Love you DC - I’m not mad at ya.


The whole “Go” franchasie is far more clever than it appears on the surface.


I took my nephew to see it. As Super-Squirrel put it, it was better than it had any right to be. The Shia scene, in particular, made me laugh uncontrollably the first time I saw it.

Warner BrosDC need to make 1 or 2 Animated films per year for mature or all ages. Don’t understand them.

Been debating if I should see this, I’ve never seen the teen titans show so idk if I would get enjoyment out of it or understand all the jokes

JaysonTodd, find the joke in this image (from the show, not the movie).



I think it (the 2013 series) has its moments (like the Night Begins To Shine arc) but I think most of the episodes are forgettable.

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