Just read Kingdom Come for the first time

I loved it. What about you?


Can’t get enough of it. It’s actually become a bit of a tradition of mine to reread Kingdom Come at the end of each year. Every time I go back through it, I feel like I get a little extra something out of it.


I found it at my library and read it for the first time a few weeks ago. And I’ve barely been able to stop thinking about it ever since! Alex Ross’s art alone is just… holy crap. Very deeply intrigued by the theme of the modern-day gods that are Superheroes finally finding their humanity again.

Pushing the Justice League heroes to their superpowered extreme was pretty rad. The Flash evolving into a being of constant motion perpetually traveling through different dimensions = freaking awesome.


It is my most favorite comic. It was my first introduction to Captain Marvel, so I was a little lost on who he was, but he’s been a favorite ever since. Fantastic art, fantastic story. I love the interweaving of scripture in a new vision of the end of the world. I can’t say enough good about that comic.


It’s pretty different, but I was reading Astro City at the time and I found them kinda similar. I really liked the JSA stories that went along with it tho.


Here’s an audio book that was done for Kingdom Come that is really well done, a few part are missing from it, but it makes up for it with additional content and lines that aren’t feature in the book.

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Fun Fact. The Preacher (Norman McCay) in Kingdom Come is Alex Ross’s Dad. Should say based on. However, if u check out the sketchbook( available on site ) it shows the photo Ross used to draw him. It’s really cool & worth looking at. Also. Of course I loved Kingdom Come, absolutely beautiful.


Next time u read it. Or since it’s fresh in your mind. Try reading this unofficial, but still lines up, reading order.
Kingdom Come (obviously)
The Kingdom New Years Evil:Gog.
The Kingdom #1
The Kingdom: Son of the Bat.
The Kingdom: Nightstar.
The Kingdom: Offspring.
The Kingdom: Kid Flash.
The Kingdom: Planet Krypton #1
The Kingdom #2

Thy Kingdom Come JSA vol 3. #’s 9-#20.
JSA Kingdom Come Special Superman #1.
JSA Kingdom Come Special Magog #1.
JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom.
JSA vol 3 #21/#22.
The Titans #23-#25.