Just Read Final Crisis! Questions… (Spoilers)

I just read final crisis and I have to say my brain hurts. So much going on and so many confusing sub plots.

Does anyone have any links to any articles or videos explaining it? I read the wikia summary of issue 7 but I would like more details.

So did the world get reset at the end and final crisis never actually happened?

One major problem I’ve always had with grant Morrison’s stories is how he always goes so big and the world always ends up getting destroyed in every story arc. One reason why I had such a problem with his JLA run was the world got invaded and destroyed basically every story and then it would be rebuilt like nothing happened and then they would have another invasion and the earth would get destroyed again and repeat for about 7 more story arcs. I always had a major problem with that.

You did read the Superman Beyond issues before reading issue 7, right?

The world was never destroyed and rebuilt during his JLA run. Under attack- without question. Destroyed? Not once.

We got a glimpse of what that would look like in Rock of Ages, but they avert that outcome from ever happening.

Yes I did! I read the omnibus. One problem I had was it took me about a week to read which made me forget things. There was just so much things going on in the event that it got confusing as hell. I thought Darkseid was supposed to be the ultimate bad guy and yet the final boss was mandrakk? The whole shrink everyone into a device was kinda stupid too in my opinion.

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When I say destroyed I didn’t mean completely but each story the entire planet would get invaded attacked and city’s would fall, many people would die. I mean this all happened within a year in comic book time so the loss of life and destruction would be tremendous. Yet weeks later the earth and its cities would be back to normal like nothing happened. I understand that they went back in time and changed everything at least once or twice but the rest was never undone.

Maybe I’m over thinking it too much but it’s a detail that really bothered me.

I also hate how every story has to be so big and the entire world, galaxy or dimension is at stake. Not every story has to have the strongest villian ever and facing the biggest threat ever.

To each his own- that was one of my favorite parts about the run. Every story had the strongest villain or biggest threat to justify why the Justice League was assembling, otherwise they could handle it alone.

The first two videos in this playlist are a pretty good summary of the plot. It glosses over details, but it might help you get the kind of bird’s-eye overview that you might have missed, since it’s such a sprawling story.

This article has a more detailed summary, where the author goes through each issue that ties into Final Crisis. I’m not sure what all was included in the omnibus, so you might notice some issues that you missed out on (but I’m sure they would be peripheral).

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IMHO, Final Crisis is the one single story to have the biggest influence on the DC Multiverse. Simply, a must read!