Just noticed the amount of threads in the comic book section is 2222

Let’s make it 2223, we don’t want to attract Harvey Dent or any other Number themed baddies!


What happens when we hit 5,252 threads?


The app probably has a hard reboot


@YYFY To quote Wilson from TV’s Home Improvement: “Mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm.”

Riddle me this though: does it reboot with several #1 debuts or is it a relaunch with one-shots that then lead into the new #1’s? A…“rebirth” to quote the popular nomenclature.


Oh man!!! something must have gotten removed because we are back to 2222!!! AHHHHH If we aren’t care we are all going to wake up on June 2nd in the second floor of a building on 2nd Street tied up to 2 pounds of C4 with a timer set to 2 minutes!!!

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It’s 2221 now…

It’s back to 2222 again… (Voice gets deeper) Two face is definitely behind this


(In my best Daffy ‘Rabbit Season’ voice…)

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I’ll try to create one in a few minutes

It’s 2222 Doc!

2222 is bad juju!!! especially on a DC message board. We should get the mods to delete a bunch of dead threads.

I just created a new thread on Comics…and it’s stuck on 2222.




It’s 2223 now, we should be safe as long as no one says anything rash and gets a thread deleted… So that means no bring up Hitler or Trump and under no circumstance should anyone bring up any opinions good or bad on JJ Abrams Star Wars movies

It’s now quadruple 2. Again.

Holy double deuces Batman! What sort of dastardly demon is behind this dangerous deed?

@RagdollRebel Well, it’s certainly not Ra’s Al Ghul or Etrigan.

looks offstage at Ra’s and Etrigan standing together in a dark corner as they nod at me

No, nope. Not them.