Just Imagine: Justice League

Imagine DC has contacted you to create your own Justice League title. Who would the members be? What would your story be about?


Martian Manhunter comes to Earth, warning of impending doom. The Martians are invading, led by Ma’alefa’ak. He unites Wonder Woman a long time hero and friend of the US government, the amazing Superman, the mysterious Batman of Gotham, the fastest man alive, and an ace test pilot turned super powered, space cop.


A massive alien invasio was atopped but with heavy losses. All.the A list super heroes and villains are either dead or missing

Out of the ashes
The remaining super heroes
Start a new league


Mr Terrific leader
Jessica Ceuz
Black.Orchid from Lemire JLD
Jamie Blue Beetlr


Yes, lots of Martian Manhunter. He has been getting the short end of the stick. Especially since the New 52.

Martian Manhunter > Cyborg


Mine would be a re-forming of the League with some next-gen characters. The old Justice League fell apart due to pressures and high tensions. Years later a new generation of heroes unite to fight a new threat that befalls Earth: Conner Kent, the new Superman. Donna Troy, then-Wonder Girl now Wonder Woman. Helena Wayne, Huntress from Gotham. Wally West, the current Flash. Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern of Earth. M’gann M’orzz, Ms. Martian from Mars. And Zatanna, Mistress of Magic. With their combined strength they are the Justice League.


Justice League Monitor Duty.
During an historic downturn in supercrime, The Original 7 go off world to deal with the biggest, craziest, most epic Crisisy threat of all time while a group of unlikely heroes watch over Earth. And it’s really uneventful. Small time bank robberies. Cleaning the Watchtower fridge. Twitter feuds. Netflix binges. Power outages. Ghosts?
Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Bizarro, Harley Quinn, John Constantine, Jarro, Maxima, and the Super Sons.
There is no strategy to the roster at all.
Obviously I just want Justice League International back. Please.


We open on a montage of fan favorite Justice League battles. Showing off the legacy of the Justice League. As panels move on, they zoom out to show that we’re watching a display within the Hall of Justice. It’s now a museum. The former home of the former greats. A little girl is seen looking up at the screen. We follow her as she looks at various exhibits within the museum. Showing off costumes and relics of battles past. As we get to the end another video plays, telling us about the final battle:

The Injustice League had grown; uniting all super villains. They were preparing to take on the world and make it their own. The Justice League gathered all of their own from across the planet to take them on. It was a full on war. But, eventually, it became taxing. Heroes were dying, but worse: civilians were. The negligence of leadership led to the death of too many. With the war far from over, a decision was made by those at the head of the JL. They lured all of the battles away from civilians and opened a worm hole. It bought both sides far away, to a planet which only Superman knew the name of.

It’s been 10 years and neither side has returned. A few heroes were chosen to remain behind and look after Earth from the shadows (and a few more are rumored to have fled when they heard of the JL’s plan), but all has remained quiet until…


The girl looks away from the display as an explosion demolishes one of the walls of the museum. A new villian has finally decided to try and take advantaged of the believed to be hero-less world.


An alarm sounding off in the empty HQ’s of former heroes (The Batcave, The Fortress of Solitude, Titans Tower, etc.) Until we arrive at a messy apartment in downtown Central City. A cell phone buzzes on a bedside nightstand. An arm appears from the bed covers and pulls the cellphone under. The notification informs the still hidden individual of the break in at the Hall of Justice.

“uuuugggghhh,” they moan.

Out of the covers comes a now in his mid 20s, Wally West. He speeds around his room, bashing into walls and furniture, until he finally stops in his classic (slightly too small) yellow and red Kid Flash costume. Ready to take on the action


That’d be my introduction haha. A world where the Justice League was no more except for a few chosen individuals left behind (Wally West, John Kent, Damian Wayne, and Jessica Cruz are some people I’d love to keep). As the series progressed we’d see a new group of heroes build their own Justice League. Mostly comprised of side kicks and slightly minor characters. As they’re all forced to come back into the public, new villains and heroes would begin to appear.

Later issues I’d love to have would be some of the team finding a washed up Booster Gold drinking himself through the days. Upset at his choice to flee from battle and losing people close to him. Eventually, a few legacy characters would finally return from the far away planet. Bloodied, bruised, and changed. Many heroes and villains died off after cast away. Leaving only a few heroes left to return.

So… yeah, lol. If anyone knows the heads at DC, have them give me a call. This is my dream DC series.


This is a far more ambitious and imaginative epic long-game storyline for a new Justice League series than the current incarnation of the flagship DC title.
I just can’t wrap my mind around the logic of imbuing Lex Luthor with the mantle of Apokolips essentially turning him into a human version of Darkseid.
I particularly am intrigued by your later issues wherein heroes and villains would sporadically return from the distant planet but perhaps not the ones fans were expecting.
In any event, they would be old, bitter, scarred disillusioned shells of their former heroic selves. They would be changed along with their loyalties.


I’m actually writing/creating my own DC continuity for fun. It’s a bit of what I’ve previously posted but it goes deeper. I’m mixing the DC world with more supernatural elements like werewolves, vampires, etc. I’m also mixing up some of the dynamics of the various families of heroes and villains, with some villains reforming and some heroes falling to the wayside. I’m designating it Earth 330: The Universe of Magic.


Oh, yeah, haha. This is my dream Justice League if I got the chance to run it. I didn’t see any parameters for other series, just what my Justice League title would be. If I were in charge of creating my own justice league, I’d do a huge crisis level event. It wouldn’t be a reboot, but more of a restart (if that makes any sense lol). Hope that clears my idea up a bit. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And, yeah, I’m definitely in love with some of the later issues. I love when DC does small character studies/focused stories. So stuff like that is my jam. Just really focusing in on certain characters and breaking them down a bit.


I would like to hear more about which characters you would feature in a soul-shattering and inward exploration of what makes them tick, if you will excuse the obvious title.
I always have been a fan of the characters that don’t have the A-list status of The Big Three but are team players and have always proven to be the quiet heroes who do a lot of the support work or bring the victory home without the fanfare.


Sure, so I only have a couple concrete ideas at the moment, but here they are:

I mentioned Booster Gold earlier. One of those characters that I love and is usually just kind of clowning around in his narcissism. But that would definitely lead to him fleeing the battle upon hearing the JL’s plan. At some point, the make shift JL would discover he’s still here and go to confront him. He’s in a deep state of depression, drinking through most days. He’s disgusted with himself over his decision to flee from battle and also mourns the loss of dear friends. He’s also left unsure of what’s to come. Something happened to the timeline which left it the way it was. Something changed leading to the future to skew in a new direction. Booster Gold blames himself and his arrival to the past, but maybe something more nefarious actually happned. Eventually, the JL would help him out of this state and make him a leader of the new team given his experience and age.

Damian Wayne is someone I’d love to explore. He was one of the few chosen to stay behind. Something that frustrates him beyond no end. But he was the closest they could get to Batman himself staying behind (which wasn’t an option). Should one of the big players stay behind or leave battle, the opposing forces would know something was happening. Hence why they chose some smaller players. Damian struggles, both with not being able to go with his father and his new role in the world. He refuses to put on the Bat suit. Claiming no one can earn that title but his father. Besides, his father will need it when he hopefully returns. So, once the new villians begin popping up and the new Justice League if formed, he chooses to hold onto his mantel of Robin. But then, rumors of Batman being back in the city start popping up. Damian sees footage of the new Batman in action and instantly recognizes that it’s not his father. He goes to confront “Batman” and end this silly costume-play. Him and the new Batman fight it out, arguing the importance of the symbol of Batman within Gotham. How important it was to see Batman specifically patrolling the streets. Damian still refuses to let himself wear the mantel, but realizes the importance of what is being said. He lets the new Batman keep the mantel… for now. But he must train with Damian and join the new JL as a way to monitor him and live up to the history of the cowl.

The Return of the Greats: This would be later on in the series. The new Justice League has FINALLY figured out what they’re doing. New heroes are able to fight on their own and new villians continue to pop up. But then… a space ship arrives. Prepared for their first attempt at invasion, the entirety of the new Justice League is called to the scene of the landing. Upon arrival, they realize it’s no ordinary ship, it’s Space Cabbies’. The doors open, and a few individuals step out: Kyle Rayner, Kara Zor-El, Oliver Queen, Captain Cold, Dead Shot, and J’onn J’onzz. They’ve finally been able to get back to Earth. The war is over. There are still some heroes and villains left behind. But many… are dead. Kyle is one of two Green Lanterns who will be returning, he will struggle being put back in that place of leadership on Earth as him and Jessica prepare for new Green Lanterns with in the sector to be appearing. He also has to report back to Oa and face the anger from the Guardians who aren’t pleased to know that their sector FULL of other planets was abandoned over some more Earth drama. Oliver, J’onn, and Kara are here as established members of the former JL. They tell the tales of the extraneous war, and deliver the news that the Big Three… are dead. Sacrificing their lives for end of the war. J’onn J’onzz has also been chosen to help lead and build the new JL (something Booster will struggle with). Captain Cold and Dead Shot are changed and hope to rebuild their images and save people (or at least Leonard does). They must now strategize plans to help get those left behind back home.

There’s also a lot more character exploration and things in there that I have to explain, but that’s the general idea of it. Hope that’s at all interesting.


It would start with the world waking up to a world with all the superhero teams like the JL and Titans etc missing and the world left at the whims of every crook in the book. Coordinated strikes at the team locations across the globe has disappeared the coordinated powers of good over night and no one knows what happened.

With the Justice League having failed to train the next generation, what we see at the start are valiant but failing attempts of next-gen heroes that weren’t part of a team trying to go at it alone. Supergirl in National City, Batgirl in Gotham, Static in Dakota. Etc.

Taking heavy beatings they start to seek out whatever heroes are still around across the globe. We see them struggle and learn, starting to hit at the new wicked powers guerilla style, and igniting the spark of hope and rebellion across the globe.

It would be a story about finding friends, allies, hope and uniting a world that had lost itself to unnecessary division. As their numbers grow and they learn, they might one day reach a point where the Justice League flag can one day can fly in the open again.

Their search into what happened that first night will drive them to revelations with time.

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The Return of the Greats section is the dramatic premise which holds my interest as there is always storytelling potential to be mined from exploring the aftermath of a cataclysm or apocalyptic event.
Bringing the Space Cabbies to the forefront as the surreptitious means of conveyance between planets is certainly not what anyone, hero or villain, would have predicted so they can arrive undetected.
The choice of Kyle and Jessica as the two remaining Green Lanterns to both face the challenge of training new members of the Corp and also to face the wrath of the Guardians who if they wanted the entire space sector of 2814 to be adequately patrolled, they really should have instructed the rings to look somewhere besides Earth.

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Yeah, I think the return of the greats would be a cool section as well. It would take some time in my story though. I’d really like to give the new JL a chance on their own. In many ways, it’s forcing people to try out new characters or at least minor ones since they’d be the only option. Don’t get me wrong, I love the core members of the DC Universe, but I think they often get in the way of new stories and characters and take up attention from readers. The Return of the greats would happen later in the story, after the new JL is well established and had a chance to develop and be their best possible stories.

That said, the return of the greats would be a fun section because I think it’d be cool to have a parellel story running of what’s happening on the other planet now that we know some people are alive. Follow their journey and see what’s going on.

You’re also right about the Guardians shouldn’t have been picking only humans for sector 2814. I would have new rings go to other planets as well (maybe one new human). That’s a new challenge for the Green Lanterns who would be forced to start patrolling more of the sector. A constant battle between where to be, and not allowing them to only focus on Earth anymore.

I have some more general ideas, but to be honest I don’t have the whole thing fleshed out. Personally not someone who dives into fan fiction so I just don’t put too much attention on these kind of stories when sitting down to write. That said, if I got the chance to work on something for DC, this would be the story I’d like to tell in the comics.

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This is a great plot. I love fresh takes on origins!

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The Detroit League plus Booster, Ted Kord and Firehawk!

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i don’t really play in other people’s sandboxes either as i have my own patch of the Land of Fiction where i weave spin tales of my own involving time travel, temporal paradoxes, and sexual situations reflecting normal human relationships.
I have been a DC and Justice League fan since being a kid in the 70’s so always have plenty of stories I have created in my head but they will remain there except for threads like this.
I may gather a few of them togteher here and share them.

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I’m sorry I have taken so long to post an idea on my own topic. I would do a mini series based Justice League: Losing Time… Someone is erasing fixed points in time disrupting the multiversal time stream to destroy the Justice League. The only member left unaffected that can travel time is the Martian Manhunter.
The team would be brought together by Rip Hunter and Booster Gold

  1. Booster Gold
  2. Nightwing (leader)
  3. Cyborg
  4. Donna Troy
  5. John Stewart
  6. Guardian (Jim Harper)
  7. Martian Manhunter
  8. Supergirl
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