Just Finished YJ Season 3

I just finished season 3 a few minutes ago. If the Legion are getting involved, you KNOW some serious ■■■■’s gonna go down. You know how they are about meddling with the past.


I watch YJ season 1 when it first aired and it is one of my favorite season by far. I recently bought the membership to see the other 2 seasons. YJ season 2 was great and met my expectations of character development and plots. However, I can not say the same for season 3! By far the worse season from the show and I am only half way done watching it! The show became too cringing for me and as well too political. Also the animation seem a little off and “low quality”. I understand that there may be less funds or not enough support in the animation aspect. And I could definitely disregard this issue if the story was any good but as the story progress and belittle my expectation of the show, it became increasingly annoying. There are some things that i enjoyed but overall it is not great. I am going to painfully watch the rest of the season and hope that it does get better along the way.

super late…but I thought this same thing lol

President Lex Luthor storyline was first, maybe the Cheeto puff was inspired by him?

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Any word on when & where Season 4 will be ? I heard it will be here, but also that it could be on HBO Max possibly ?

I can no longer find young justice or titans here what is going on?

All original programming
Such as

Doom Patrol
Swamp Thing
Young Justice

Left the service on.December 31.

All remaining videos will leave on January 20.

The next day DC Universe Infinite will be comics only


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