Just finished watching Titans!

I just finished watching Titans, I loved every minute of it, no matter how disturbing or weird it got! I cannot wait for the second season! What do you guys want to see during Season 2, personally, I want Dick to become Nightwing after him being released from Trigon, not immediately, but a few episodes later


Yeah I want that. I also want kid flash and Donna to be in costume

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I completely agree that it’s time for a Dick to become Nightwing. He’s already made it clear that he’s through with being Robin so the next step for him to truly step out of Batman’s shadow is for him to don a new suit and persona .i.e. Nightwing

Yeah I got tired of suitless Dick

I want to see Deathstroke and a fully formed and realized Titans team engage in combat. And the conclusion to the Trigon arc.

I would like to see everyone in awesome looking costume for part of the time. Except, I think Raven looks cute as she is and so does Beast Boy. They look really cute together. Hawk’s costume isn’t really the greatest (doesn’t really do him any favors) and neither is Dove’s but that’s understandable and makes sense since they are poor and the costumes are homemade, and they aren’t part of the Titans regulars.

(Meaning, I could do without Raven growing a third demon eye, or Beast Boy having a green face and body when he is in human form).

I hope Starfire gets amazing hair and costume and people are like omg, she’s so awesomely rocking and beautiful (like Gamora).

Having issues with audio/video lag on Teen Titans -audio is out of synch with video-a sentence will be said then the actors lip will move. Also randomly,the definition will change from HD quality to muddy/grainy definition- I dont feel this has anything to do with my fios provider- please explain. I feel that this is a big enough distraction that it takes away from the story line and how i feel that paying for this service and getting this poor quality is not worth the cost. i like the actors and writing but, is this issue indicative of what I will find with all of the video offerings?

More Hawk and Dove lol