Just finished “The Batman” animated series

And I personally loved it! I know a lot of people hate on it, because of how they portrayed a lot of the characters… but it actually grew on me. I kinda like how they re-vamped all the characters. If you haven’t given it a chance, you really need too! This show is actually really cool, and a fresh take on the DC universe. Let me know if you agree, or don’t!


Personally, I always liked The Batman. Despite not being a huge fan of the Joker redesign, I applaud the creators for how they played around with the Batman mythos as a whole and made something that felt fresh and original. My biggest criticism (apart from Joker’s look) is probably how they ended up roping in the Justice League. As I recall, that version of the JL didn’t even have Wonder Woman, which made the team feel kinda weird to me. In any event, the range of villains they had on the show, not to mention the fact that they really played up the “Batman is a criminal” angle in the first couple seasons, makes it really stand out among the DC animated shows.

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My favorite villain update is the the ventriloquist’s Scarface looking like Tony Montana.

This Bruce Wayne is definitely a happier take than in other iterations. Mainly there is more smiling (vs the classic smirk).