Just Finished Swamp Thing S1... So Good!

Just criminal that this series didn’t get a green light for a S2. I loved so many things about it… the call-backs to the original Sunderland Corp characters, Abbie Arcane, the veiled hint at Anton Arcane, the slow burn to the Woodrue Flouronic Man… I mean OBVIOUSLY the intent here was to go on with a S2 ala Titans and Doom Patrol…

I’m clearly a little late to the party; what happened? IS there any chance of this story getting the continuation it deserves over on HBOMax in the next year or so…?

Anybody have any inside info, perhaps…?

From what I understand and I could definitely be wrong it had nothing to do with the shows quality or audience reception. 

The story behind the cancelation was constantly changing at the time, even became political for a second.
Essentially the cost of production changed. The production company thought storing the set was going to be much cheaper due to a tax cut or something.
Around the time they aired episode 2, they announced the season was going to be shortened and the show was being canceled.
I personally feel that the final episodes kind of suffered as a result.

I agree though, great damn show that needs to be renewed by HBO and given a generous budget

The series was shelved because it blew its massive budget after only a handful of episodes were completed.