Just Finished Binge-Watching Harley Quinn

I can safely say that I’ve enjoyed the animated series way more than I anticipated. At first, I was skeptical because the trailers and promotions for Birds of Prey didn’t sell for me to be interested. I started a free trial and hopped onto the animated Harley Quinn series. I loved every moment and I laughed so hard that I literally fell out of my chair and now have a sparined arm. Hopefully, I can’t wait for the last two episodes of this season and I’m currently planning on watching Deathstroke Knights and Dragons soon when I’m free.

Edit: Just now noticing that Deathstroke Knights and Dragons are on CW Seed. Well, crap.


Same. I initially thought the show would be far worse than it actually is and I’m glad I gave it a chance, it’s hilarious lol


Deathstroke app is free & it’s really good. HQ is one of the best yet so far. I also was skeptical & I was sucked in halfway thru episode #1.

Consistent laughs and rollicking characters from the start.

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