Just a quick question???

As I am over here in the movie section of the store. Are their plans to release the Titans on Blu-ray in the distant future

Great question- I haven’t heard any discussion of such, but we’ll pass along that there are requests for it :slight_smile:

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Can I piggyback that with a request for a Young Justice: Outsiders Blu-ray as well?


Sure thing, @SFChris :slight_smile: This is a great request for any of our original series’!


Thank ya! :slight_smile:

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Would guess it would be a while when/if they do make a Blue-Ray or DVD release as that show right now is the biggest lure to get people to subscribe. So putting it out on DVD right away would probably be counter productive.

I’m very patient :wink:

You people may have to be very VERY patient. We have super crappy satellite internet which makes streaming (and even downloading downloadable episodes) nearly impossible and I’ve been waiting for a bunch of streaming shows from various vendors like Netflix to come out on DVD. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. So far only a tiny handful of shows have come out on DVD/Blue-ray because it’s counter profitable for them to do that except for the most absolutely popular shows like Stranger Things (one of the few I’ve been able to get my hands on).
I’m actually having to go elsewhere and download these shows onto my tablet so I can bring them home and watch them.

As far as I know Netflix has only put out season 1 of Daredevil and none of the other series as far as I know I have a copy on Blu-ray of Daredevil season 1